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Thursday, January 26, 2012

Life Lessons From Kijiji

You might think that browsing on kijiji is a colossal waste of time. You probably spend your bored moments studying international politics; brushing up on geography, and rearranging your linen closets.

I don't have a linen closet, so I often invest my precious time on kijiji looking at things that I don't need. Things that other people bought, and now they don't really want anymore, so they are hoping that maybe I want them so that I give them money and they can go out and buy something that they really need now. Or just kind of want.

It fills sort of a niche market for weird people who fancy a bit of a sociological study in their moments of boredom.

And you thought it was a waste of time.

Recently, I've had a deeper reason for kijiji. I noticed one day that my lastborn wasn't three years old anymore, and was looking a bit like he'd been forgotten in a Cairo prison, the way he squished onto his ancient fourandahalf inch iron frame bed that's been in the family since the kids were twinkles in their daddy's eye. He and his brother share a room that's not really a room at all- more like a large landing at the top of the stairs. To my knowledge, they'd never noticed this reality. Perhaps it allowed Sam to disregard the rather restrictive nature of his bed for all this time- the fact that his "bedroom" has no door or closet detracted from the prison-esque quality of his sleeping quarters.

So, to delay the demand for an actual room to sleep in, I thought I should possibly invest in a mates bed. A sort of bed/dresser to make his stay in the open concept hallway room a little more pleasant.

This need has increased the frequency of my forays into kijiji, and recently, I came across a profoundly insightful advertisement.:

Need a grad dress? are you selling a queen bed room suite??

swap/tradeHello, I have a beauitful size 5/6 (will fit up to a size 3-6; I know cause thats my normal sizes) high end desinger dress that retails for $1130.00. I'm willing to trade it for a nice queen sized bedroom suite,we dont need a mattress or boxspring at all. Preferably: headboard & footboard, dresser, nightstand, wardrobe closet, ect. Must be all in great condition and modern. Please send me a email with what you have to offer. Thanks for looking!

Uh Huh.
So last year, someone needed to spend One Thousand, One Hundred, and Thirty dollars on a shiny dress.
This year, she would prefer to own a modern queen sized bedroom suite.
Next year, she'll prefer to swap her NICE bedroom suite for a post-secondary education.

And I am left thinking I've not been using my kijiji hours to their highest advantage.

I also have a daughter in neeeeed of a graduation dress.
After that she'll need a university education.
Maybe I should look into swapping that old iron bed.


jenn said...

It's been a while since I visited your blog. I love stopping by here when I get to read 4 new posts at once!!

janice said...

OMG, you make me laugh jo-weeees.

Graduation is EXPENSIVE - then there is university. That is why only the very brave or very something folk have 4 kids. Good for you.

My six-foot offspring was complaining about a sore back, when she was about 15, and I realized she was sleeping on a 99 dollar mattress I bought for her when she graduated her play pen (having never purchased a crib). I just went and used money to buy a mattress, having no designer dresses in my closet.

joyce said...

very naive, naked people have four children.
I raised my babies in pack 'n plays as well, I was quite fond of them, still am.
Sam has been sleeping on a five inch foamie that I bought at a yard sale many years ago. He wears a size 12 pant (at age 9) and deeply appreciates his "new to him" mates bed.
I'm glad to hear that you used paper or plastic money as well to buy your kid a mattress. Are you sure you didn't have any designer items you could have traded for instead? Shocking.