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Thursday, January 19, 2012

She thinks that she is teachable, but often wonders

Last night at the thrift shop, I ran into a woman who I know from around town. There was something different about her. She has always been pretty, but there was a softness and appeal about her that I couldn't quite put my finger on. I asked her- did you grow your hair out or something?

" Well, yeah, she said, "but I also lost eighty pounds...."

"wow!" I say. Did you follow some sort of program?"

She shook her head and expelled wise words about lifestyle, making decisions about how she wanted to live her life, and the reality that none of us is likely to actually follow a program for the rest of our lives.

I nodded excitedly and threw my arms around her - so pleased was I to hear someone preaching the sensible gospel of eating in response to the body's needs, and learning to trust its intrinsic wisdom.

Then I went home and ate the leftover Christmas candy.


Anonymous said...

Ahh yes...I understand.

Anonymous said...

You are hilarious and so you!

Valerie Ruth said...

Zey talks about the "ship shop" sometimes. took me a while to get it.

Judy said...

I sooo understand this!
Due to the flack Paula Dean is receiving I've been shoving my diabetic mouth full of cookies all day. And I don't even LIKE Paula Dean! (and the cookies? packaged and pretty gross.)

joyce said...

I am in good company.
Do you think by eating bad cookies, you are defending Paula deen, or just sugar coating your day or preschoolers?

Brandy said...

this is one of my favourites!