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Sunday, January 08, 2012

Thank God for smart people I can learn from

(from a smart blogger at
. I don't have much except the phrase above. BE FIERCE.. Don't worry - I'm not going to race around scatching people in the eyeballs and roaring like a beast. I'm not going to be mean or nasty. I'm simply going to be FIERCE. Doubt has this ridiculous way of being a sly creeper. Making edges soft and shining a little light on hesitation. Denial. Passiveness. Life is too short for that stuff and I don't like to waste the goodness I've been blessed with. SO. I plan to be fierce + uncomfortable. I plan to be fierce + assertive.

Yikes. That sort of sounds sort of FIERCE.

I like it.


These are not my words, but this reflects my desire.

There are a number of areas in my life in which I need (want, desire the courage) to approach with a fierce sort of courage. Some areas that are holding me back, pressing me down, keeping me small. I'm so afraid to be honest about these areas, but I'm terribly tired of being held hostage by them.

Rest is good. And acknowledging that I've really been too afraid to effectively come clean and address and fully examine these facets of my life is "ok". I've been in that place of resting and being afraid for long enough though.

It's time.

For fierce.

Here goes.


Valerie Ruth said...

does that apply to the way you care for the little ones in your charge as well? should i be afraid?? :)

Mary KG said...

You go and be fierce. I like that. Be brave. I love that and I love you.