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Thursday, January 12, 2012


Last week, while I was on holidays, it was really exciting and invogorating to imagine forging into 2012 whilst being fierce. It seemed entirely possible, and just within my reach.

These days I'm back to wondering if fierceness consists of making toast or sandwhiches without screaming. If fierceness as I'd hoped it would appear is probable in this life of




but a closer inventory indicates that certain small steps have indeed been taken.

  1. I managed to address a few things that are imperfect in my profession. Maybe even thinking of some changes I can make in the future to make this machine run a little more smoothly. I'm not a very systematic thinker, so that's saying something.

  2. I took another look at my body. That's a funny thing to say, because I look at it every day. And often with disdain. This particular look was more objective, and less hateful. I've been vascilating between disgust and acceptance of this flesh for the past 44 years or so, and so I've been taking a look at my body, the organ with a slightly different perspective. Because I often don't like the way I feel living in this bundle cells and whatnot, I wondered if that feeling would change at all if I were to grow stronger? Not necessarily smaller, but stronger.

  3. So I took another look at the treadmill. (rawr). And I've been climbing aboard reasonably consistently for the past number of weeks. Yes, I know its January, and everyone says that in January. But the fierce bit in this for me is the NOT GIVING UP. The continued effort and energy being spent on searching for wellness in mind and body.

  4. I asked some questions, even though I was pretty sure I didn't want to know the answers. Sometimes answers really hurt, even though you suspected them all along. (rawr, whimper)

  5. I started working on my Etsy shop. Yes, indeedy, I have plans. Plans to move the bags4darfur project over to etsy- streamline the payment methods, have a seperate bank account, and open up a little vintage shop. I'm scared. Because I'm a woos that way and I'm not the best at learning new things. (rawr)

I sound pretty fierce, eh?

I thought so, too.


Karla said...

RAWR freaking RAWR.
That's my Joycie.

Judy said...

That all sounds might fierce to me!

Mary KG said...

I totally support your fierceness (rrar). And I support YOU. Schwester