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Wednesday, March 26, 2014

Five, no! FOUR! More Days

ohmygosh, what happened? I have sinned by omission- it is now five four days since my last confession, and here I had committed to writing every days since countdown commenced!

For two three days now, we have been wisely climatizing.

Tequila. One ounce per diem.

Not because we want to, but because it is prudent to not shock the system by arriving at Tulum without preparing the liver.

We're just sensible like that.



janice said...

I am ever so happy to see you back, and I am so impressed with your preparations. Your livers will not likely thank you.

When they try to sell you lots of excursions, be sure to deal with an agent that you like, and buy only what you want. After all, any excursions cost money and take you away from the free tequila and beach.

Spring has come unsprung here in Calgary, so I am immensely jealous. I seem to have tied my fortunes to a school teacher, as well, so now I only can travel during school holidays, just when I got all my (1) kids out of the house.

Please enjoy your acclimatization tequilas irresponsibly.

janice said...

I think you need to up your per diem to 2 ounces, given your imminent departure.