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Friday, March 07, 2014



Somebody asked me recently (with some concern over causing offence). Was the "cat lady thing" for real? Or was it meant as a joke? To which I replied-


From around the house then, a sampling of my cat gallery.

Onyx cat bookends. A gift from my sister 25+ years ago. They have fallen more than once, and been repaired an equal amount of times. Gorilla glue and I are close.

Super tacky 1970's era cat cushion, a rescue from Value Village. No one else wanted her.

Who could resist this cat and birdcage tea light holder for two quarters?


Everyone but me, apparently. Stupid people.

Tin plate of the three little kittens story book, which my eldest sister Laura played with when she was little. I'm glad she's not sentimental, because I adore this little plate on my wall.

And once I have one thing from a theme, I have to accumulate at least two more. Otherwise it's not an authentic collection.

This adorable, bashed up tin was a gift from my sis when Arianna was a wee baby. I screwed it onto the wall, and now it functions as a little curio shelf. (Thank you, Pinterest! You're my best friend!)

Good thing I also have curios.

Just precious. One of my most favorite gifts from Brian; via Ten Thousand Villages.

And look! I brought in a geranium in fall, and I haven't killed it yet. Give me time.

I LOVE Playmobil!

And sometimes, McDonalds toys.


I'm not above cat related candle paraphernalia, as you well know.

And wall hangings. Note my awkward one-eyed face in the mirror above.

This pic really is a marvelous possession, thanks Rose for your art!


Thanks, Rose also for the 3D cat head.

And her sister. Need I say more? Didn't think so.

Moving on. To my mug collection. A really long time ago (25 years? More?). My bro-in-law bought me this for Christmas. Somehow I have managed to get only one chip in her, all these years. I genuinely feel happy having coffee with these kitties in the morning. Sometimes if I go away overnight, I'll take this gem with me, just so I start my day out right.

My mom is one of the funniest people I know. A while ago at her place, she told me she had a birthday gift for me. But my birthday is in November, I reminded her. I know, she said, but I got you a birthday gift.

I've already gorilla glued her twice. But it will take an all out shattering for me to give up on this treasure.

Last spring Brian and I travelled to Quito, Ecuador. (I still can't believe it!). There was a goofy little shop next door that sold $2 beer, all manner of bizarre foods, and household stuff. Their mugs were $1 and contained pics of kitties speaking in Spanish.

I tell ya, kitties are smarter than you think.

I bought this tin at Superstore. I don't keep cat treats in it.

Brian, who hates cats, gives them treats every morning. I try not to ask too many questions.

Janice might ask- why aren't you blogging, Joycie? And I'd have to say.... It gets tough to write.

Between ironing my kittie pj's, washing my kitty mugs, and pinning cats on pinterest, there just isn't time for trivialities.

Besides. If not for pinterest, I'd have never found my most favorite picture ever.

And, Number Twenty-three: THIS BOTTLE OF WINE!

Does it not make you speechless? I've been so happily looking at it all week long, that I've not cracked the seal. Maybe also because I'm a big fan of the Box 'o' Wine, what with it coming equipped with a spigot and all.

I don't suppose I will shock anyone in my tiny audience by admitting that this really is only a sampling of my cats. But I was limited to only twenty-three.

One for each day to wait until spring break, and an airplane, and the promise of a beach.



Anonymous said...

Well, I'm just an anonymous reader of blogs but yep, by the time I read down to the cat wine bottle, I was truly shocked. Funny thing is, I hate cats too and the kitty who lives in my house gets treats from me so I totally understand your hubby. Now my hubby who claims to love cats, does not give them treats and that is way stranger.

joyce said...

I applaud your tenacity to stick with it all the way to 23, oh hater of cats. And for taking the time to comment.
Your husband, the lover of cats, is a keeper.

janice said...

Dear Joyceeee; I was busy playing outside this weekend, so I did not read your blog. Now I am at work - reading your blog, when I should be working. I WANT that cat bottle. . . where can I get one?

I have transformed from a Crazy CAT LADY (yes, it is supposed to be in caps) to a CDL. Somehow, I don't mind picking up dog poo as much as cleaning a litter box. I do love cats, but when I had both cats and dogs, I also had to deal with the dogs snacking in the litter box and then vomiting treasures on my bed.

I am looking forward to your 21 entry. I am VERY proud to be the stimulus for this blogging surge (do you think a cattle prod is proud of itsself?)

Love you.

janice said...

PS I WANT that favourite picture ever, so I took it. I want to see the movie - kind of like the attack of the killer tomatoes, I think.

I am going to make a personalized one like this, with my chihuahua and my daughter - yes, that will be my surprise for her. You are my muse, dear Joyce.