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Saturday, March 29, 2014

I Had So Much To Say Today

But no time to say it.

I found no time for the cat wine.

(Something to come home to)

Though we remained committed to our tequila countdown.

The kitty is all packed.

And at 9:15 AM, we leave this all behind.

Thanks for tolerating this very obsessed countdown.

"See you" next Monday!



janice said...

You are there, basking in the sun. Good for you. We are enjoying unseasonal subzero weather and snow. Not as much as you are enjoying the tequila and sand.

janice said...

So, according to the interwebs, it is 2 degrees in Niverville. Is the snow gone from the bicycle on the deck? Have you taught the young bicycle owner how to oil the chain and get the rust off the cables? Make this hard enough and he will put it away next fall, and thus assuage your mother-guilt (NO WAY this would work - just parenting theory - easy for non-parents to spout)

What I really meant to say is: I know you are back, otherwise I would have read about a Canadian couple who disappeared instead of coming back . . . .