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Wednesday, March 12, 2014

Nineteen Things To Whine About.

  1. I am sick. Sneezing, ears ringing, eyes burning sick.
  2. Little kids don't care. They still want to produce sounds at the very height of their volume potentials. They still want to be endlessly repetitive. They like pooping their drawers, and eating up all the banana muffins, and telling on each other.
  3. The cold and flu medication, Tylenol, neti-pot and Neo Citron are making a negligible difference.
  4. I am worrying about the ceiling in Micah's room. Yesterday's warmer weather brought melting, and water pouring into his room. Turns out that when you neglect to clean out your eaves troughs, and you have a dreadfully cold winter and ice jams form all along the edge of your roof, the melting ice cannot drain. It backs up into the attic and looks for a low spot to start draining into the house.
  5. I don't love cooking. But I have to make lunch and supper pretty well every day. It's boring and annoying.
  6. Did I mention the ringing in my ears?
  7. Coughing. It's what I do in winter.
  8. I'm not a cat. If I was, I wouldn't be cold, wearing that magnificent coat. Also, I would nap all day.
  9. I was going to have a nice little visit with a friend this afternoon, but cancelled due to the roaring in my ears. This is the message that I sent to her: "I think I have to reschedule, Bonnie. I'm sick today, dragging myself through my work day and hoping I can shit my eyes for a few minutes after lunch :("
  10. It's only Tuesday.
  11. The upstairs of my house is pretty gross. That's where the kids bedrooms are, and I'm not too bossy about how they manage their spaces. Sam likes to collect Sprite and Mr Jones bottles. It's gross.
  12. I don't see my parents enough even though I worry about them every day and dream of them by night.
  13. Water in Niverville is nasty. It's orange and it tastes weird.
  14. I miss my eldest daughter. She is living in a glorious old house in the city with her bunny, some roommates, their cat, rats, and fish. She brings our family to life and we need her.
  15. I have no baseboards in my kitchen. Haven't had any for over 10 years now.
  16. I bought a dyson that makes me mad.
  17. Hot dogs are one of the grossest things I have ever seen in my life, and what I'll be serving for lunch. Sometimes I have no ethics.
  18. It takes Brian a while to fix boring things, and I don't want to learn how because I do enough and don't want to do any more. So, my kitchen tap leaks horribly, and several areas of the house are quite dark because the lightbulbs need to be replaced. They're not the simple, old fashioned light bulbs that one might just screw in. Nope, these are different. So I just do some stuff in the dark. And wait.
  19. Sometimes I just want to whine. That's all I want. Whine, whine, whine.



Anonymous said...

(chuckle) Did you have time to shit your eyes?
These posts are what are getting me through, but I don't have a hot destination at the end. You will have this cold behind you when you travel and be so glad for the timing of it all. Hoping for that for you.

Anonymous said...

Oh, and when I say "this cold" I meant your coughing, sneezing, ear ringing cold, but it also very much can mean this endless winter cold.

joyce said...

Yes, YES!
It's even remotely possible that I could have a mediocre time in Mexico, and all this anticipation will still have been worth it.
When I erupted into sneezing and blowing and hacking! PLUS my period ( because you need to know this. And by the way, WHy do women our age need stupid periods anyway? Only women between 26 and 40 should have access to a period)
I thought to myself: " self? Get it all out. All the miserable stuff. Then fly away."

Periwinkle Dzyns said...

agreed! we don't need them silly things draining our energy and proving a uterus still kinda works but not really...

enjoying this series, get better soon!

janice said...

My brother's inlaws always fix EVERYTHING in the house when they come to stay. They live in Altona, and are now too frail to travel all the way here. Why don't you invite them over for the weekend? Well, maybe not - they might not be up to fixing things any more - might be a saga that is done.

Get better. Think playa, sun, cervesa, sun, food that you did not cook, sun, rooms that you don't clean, sun. . .

Hope you got the shit out of your eyes. That shit can hurt.

I recommend Menopause. Hot flashes are delicious in subzero weather.

janice said...

As you know, wine goes great with whine. And when you whine so eloquently, I am happy to read it and offer a shoulder to cry on.

joyce said...

My dad. My dad is the one who could fix the dyson. But he can't. He can't remember any more.

What the h* good is a leaky uterus on a 46 year old who cries too much (leaky), pees herself every time she coughs, sneezes, or jumps, (leaky), and who has a house with a leaky ceiling?! Is there no justice?!

Thanks for enjoying the series. I enjoy it too, sometimes. This series called My Life.

My eyes are still burning. Must be the shit.

I need shoulder now.
Want to cry.
Feel sorry for myself and sorry for my dad and for my mom but still stay home where it's warm and so then feel sorry for myself for sucking.

janice said...

It is terribly sad to lose your parents. You lose them little by little over the years of their decline. By the time they actually cross over, you have cried so many tears, you are almost dry. and there is the relief that they are no longer in pain. That was my experience, at least.

Now the after-midnight calls are far less frequent and I don't hang out in emergency much. The funny thing was, after mom died, I almost missed those marathon hospital sessions. That was when I spent the most time with her, in the last years.

joyce said...

You're right about the grieving. It's exhausting.