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Monday, March 10, 2014



Serious progress shown on our snow marker.

We actually got outdoors.

Sam's beautiful freckles came out to play.


In other news, there's water running into Micah's bedroom through his ceiling. Ice jam on the roof.

And I'm in bed, wrapped in denial, a quilt, flannel jammies, fuzzy socks and a wool sweater breathing in steam from my vaporizer and drinking neo citron.

I'm a woman, but it seems I've caught a pretty bad man cold. I'm married to a man who doesn't whine and snivel and beg me to call his mom when he's under the weather. He's all stoic and no nonsense and just minds his own business. Whereas, I wouldn't mind whining just a bit and demanding to know- will I sleep tonight? How long will this last? And Why Me?!

But it is day 20. That's actually ever so slightly less than three weeks until nacho and Cervesa day.

Well, days.

Days of nachos and cervesas.



janice said...

A hearty welcome to Sam's freckles, and to J and B's days of cervesas and nachos.

My dad was named Sam. He also had lovely blue eyes.

janice said...

19 . . . 18 Wow - I can almost hear the waves. The water is warm, like bathwater. Happy thoughts.

I can taste the cervasa - really.