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Thursday, March 27, 2014

Not a Really Even Three More Days

Seeing as this day is over.

And tomorrow is Friday.

And doesn't look too horrifying.

And I like starting sentences with "and" because all through junior high, I was told that you can't.

And I don't care.

I don't entirely agree- Thursday sounds to me like a day past Wednesday, and just before Friday, therefore pretty awesome. But, it was cool to find something about "Thursday" on pinterest. Validates the many hours I invest there. Plus he's cranking out a Thursday beer, which does actually apply.

I have learned that directly after "tequila time" is "beer time".

Also, in the interest of my liver and prepping for Mexico.

Since the bathing suits and skirts have been packed for weeks, there are a few lasagnes and chicken pot pies in the freezer, and the passports have been located. Just wouldn't be right to neglect the livers.

Did I mention that tomorrow is Friday? And not really even two days then? Because how ridiculous is it to count Saturday, the day that you're already on holidays, everything is ready (except what isn't) and the only thing to decide is where to take the kids out for dinner.

Thursday. And not really at all three more days to go. This just may warrant popping the cork of my cat wine tomorrow.

At noon.



janice said...

It is only 2.5 hours until noon. I want cat wine.

Periwinkle Dzyns said...

and so it goes

had to
and start another one

Anonymous said...

Hope the wine was purrrfect!

Karla said...

Damn! You're really doing it! Giddy for you!!