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Tuesday, June 26, 2007

Avoiding Writing About What I'm Really Thinking About

Right now I am wrestling with some big gigantic things and even I in all my non-privateness am not yet willing to write about it. Its so unprocessed that I may spew forth half thoughts that will later produce regrets. I hate regrets. I hate trying to regather feathers once I've ripped open a big old german pillow and shaken it out of a two storey window whilst screaming obscenties from the top of my voice.

So, paradoxically, I will reproduce what Danielle lied ever so kindly over at the Bipolar Diaries.

Sometimes when life bogs you down so completely that you find yourself taking your son through the McDonald's drive-through for fries and all you order yourself is a black coffee..... you just need to indulge yourself in someone else's graces. So, here's what Danielle said today to get me to lift my head off the pillow and give another kick at the can today.

5. Joyce at Chronicles of Blunderview. Joyce is amazing. There are many times when I feel as though we share the same brain...although she is much more prolific than I. She often takes my perspective of looking at life through a kaleidescope....there is no one correct interpretation of any event....and the view changes with every turn.

I love msn encarta dictionary, so I had to take this word prolific over there just to make sure that I fully understood its meaning.

pro·lif·ic [ prə líffik ]

1. highly productive: producing ideas or works frequently and in large quantities

2. fruitful: producing a lot of fruit or many offspring

3. abundant or abounding: present in large numbers, or containing large numbers of quantities of something, especially animal life

*a period prolific of creative achievement

Gosh, what a great word! Let's just review...
producing ideas or works frequently and in large quantities........ Well, YAH! That would be accurage. I used to produce large quantities of hand sewn garments to the point at which my mother ( a workhorse) would shake her head and say... "How does she do it..."

producing lots of fruit or many offspring... HELLO! four kids and a daycare and lots of fruit in the fridge. I've got that one covered.

abundant or abounding.....large quantities of something..... animal life... OH YES! We abound! Large quantities of STUFF, and let's see about animal life... two cats, one hamster, and a dog on the way. And that's not counting what lives in the couch.


Ruth said...

a dog on the way? DON'T tell shi fry.

Blondie said...

I have had the opportunity to sit down and catch up on your blog. I read everything here and want you to know how much I appreciate your posts and you're very prolific to say the least. I am glad that Danielle said that you are prolific on her blog. I enjoy how you put into words your thoughts and feelings. I wish I could be half as articulate. I know I haven't commented much, but please know that I appreciate you allowing me into your world... take care and I'll stop back again.

Marshkies said...

Oh Joyce, I love you and I miss you, and I'd love to have you sit in our car going to Alberta ... we'll miss you!

homo escapeons said...

I think that you are PRO-LIFE-IC because you make Living in this cockamamy world FUN!

You do produce a lot of 'stuff' frequently and in large quantities.
Now you are supposed to say oh fooey or phew or something that rhymes with 'ph-u'.