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Friday, June 29, 2007

The Difference Between Girls and Boys

Girls: Borrow elements from every board game ever invented, a few dishes from the kitchen centre, little people (but at least one or two from each and every set) , a few plastic alligators, the family's only nail clippers, tape and a ball of string, a fistful of wooden blocks from the top shelf, and small containers of cheerios.

Set up elaborate play areas and compose complex story lines.

Boys: One stick or other phallic symbol.

Feet for running.


boonie s said...

Ain't it the truth!! I love the differences between my kids, it makes life interesting, but sometimes I wish they would just all sit quietly and not move!!??

bonnie s said...

ooppss!! I mean bonnie s

to early on a saturday for this perhaps?

QueenHeroical said...

and men wonder why they don't "understand" women ... and/or vice versa

sometimes I wish life were as easy as "one stick or other phallic symbol and feet for running"

- Krina

andrea said...

When little, my boys loved to role play with their animals, Lego, Star Wars figures, etc, plus anything they could find to make it more interesting. Nowadays it has to be role-playing games on the computer! These are the boy versions of girl narrative play.

Anonymous said...

So true Joyce....and it gets even BETTER when they're teenagers....Lindalew : )

Judy said...

Ah, summer fun!

Bonnie said...

I know I already commented on this but I couldn't wait for a new blog as I needed to let you know that I too am a blogger! So check it out!