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Tuesday, June 19, 2007

A Fat Rant.

A Better Role Model


Gloria said...

Hey Joyce! I don't see your weight posted here!

it's a gong show... said...

If only it were that simple

Anonymous said...

I'm not sure how I lectured before using You Tube segments ....

Anonymous said...

That girl on the video is beautiful. What struck me is that so much of what she had to say about being fat was true of so many other things as well.

"I'll learn to dance when........"

"I'll be happy when.........."

I really liked this and what she said is all about accepting yourself as you are, not how you may or not be one day, but how and who you are now, today.

elizabeth said...

Great post...thanks for sharing this!! I have found that people have one of 2 problems generally...either what goes in the mouth or what comes out. If one must have one problem or the other, I far prefer what goes IN MY MOUTH!! (We see famine coming and hubby says our bodies are prepared for that...who lives longest then, huh??)

homo escapeons said...

She didn't sweat much!
Seriously, how can you not love Ms Nash?

I love stats and that beauty about regaining all of the weight back is very scary but liberating. Our species is designed to store every available ounce of fat because we lived such a precarious existence until Mrs Safeway opened her doors back in 1926.

Now that gathering food is no longer physically demanding (thank you for bagging Mrs Safeway) we are basically doomed.

I would like to get a Time Machine and go back and get 2 skinny parents and 4 skinny grandparents and 8 skinny great-grandparents!