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Thursday, June 28, 2007

June 27: Take Two

It was going to be a quiet day and I looked forward to sneaking in some tasks like going through the growing piles of stuff that kept depositing themselves in my sewing room. The kids were tired from many late June nights and I left them all in bed, with the exception of Micah who had a field trip to look forward to. I got up early, and wrote a post about my brother since it was not only his birthday, but the first anniversary of his diagnosis. I was relieved that the writing of it made me cry, as I sometimes questioned my grieving process.
At 10:00 oclock I heard Sammy fussing and moaning in his bed. We'd had him at the doctor a few weeks back, discussing the possibility of him having a seizure disorder; so his moaning made me wonder if it had been that kind of a night for him. His bed was wet and he was holding his stomach, crying and moaning. He threw up once but his stomach was empty. He'd been fine the day before and this nausea made me wonder again about some elevated liver enzymes that were discovered accidentally during the investigation of his seizure activity. It was best checked out, I decided and the paper trail would be beneficial as I was sure I could not be counted on to rely on my memory.

Its very unsettling to hear one's physician say... "This is beyond the scope of a family physician, I would advise you to go to children's hospital emergency as soon as possible."

But on this first anniverary of the liver-that-killed-my-brother; that's where we celebrated our family line of dysfunctional livers. (Actually, it was bile ducts for Ken, but that's details).
Sam's repeat blood tests came back in the normal range, so he may not actually have been given that family torch to carry. Three doctors and a nurse or two breezed in and out during our five hour visit but then released us with a shrug and the usual warnings.

I bet it was the liver fairy come to visit. Just a reminder that we best not forget the way to the Health Science Centre. Just a very thoughtful visit to remind us that the summer sun does shine on William Avenue the same as it does at Caribou Lake.

Maybe its even some sort of bundle package: Two livers, one stroke, and a seizure for a family rate?


bonnie s said...

Hey Joyce, Does not sound like fun. My prayers are with you all, I feel for you, I know what it's like not knowing what's going on with your son. God is bigger than this and He will sustain you.

Love you lots.

Heather said...

My daughter has a seizure disorder and often wakes up in similar condition. In her case it is a sign that she is getting sick--when she isn't she doesn't wake like that. It is also a sign that she has been exposed to flashy lights--like the lightening wae had last night, and the cereal section of the grocery store (all those little coupon holders), or that she is having another allergic reaction to food dyes or preservatives (which only became an iddue after she had a severe reaction to the medicine they gave her for seizures.) Interesting to note, my mom has a liver disease which will eventually mean a transplant, which runs in the family, but also running in the family are neurological disorders so I suspect that.

The Lord has seen us through big time, helping us, giving us peace, and giving us wisdom as we deal with each instance and discover what the doctors couldn't--what is triggering the seizures so we can avoid them without constant medication. God is good.

HeatherCE said...

I think I sat in that very same chair with my girls waiting for the blood to be drawn, each when they were under a year old though. Not a great memory.
I wish I could offer more comfort to you but this is out of my scope as well. I'm thinking of you, Brian and Sammy. And hoping that today is a better day.

homo escapeons said...

Nothing in life makes you feel as helpless as bringing your kid to the doctor.

I would rather be a blind, legless, honeyman in a kolkutta prison than a Pediatrician.
Who in their right mind would want that job?

Oh sure helping kids is rewarding but you have to deal with frantic distraught Parents who are one utterance away from snapping and getting medieval on your ass!

No Thanks.

Anonymous said...

My father died of liver failure, cause unknown. My older sister has elevated liver enzymes, cause unknown. Genetics, the gift that keeps on giving. I inherited my mum's eye disease that's causing her to go blind.

I hope his enzymes stay down. Got my fingers crossed.

Anonymous said...

He may be sick, but boy, is he cute. You too. Laura

Ruth said...

i love you joyce. i've been thinking about you a lot. And praying for you and that this next season is one of rest for you and your family. xoxo

with all my heart,

Me said...

another prayer going out for you both...

Marshkies said...

Again, so well written. Thanks Joyce. ... I pray, ok???????...

Louise said...

Thinking of you and praying too!!

Anonymous said...

I must resort to just adding a 'ditto' to Homo Escapeons' comment...and that it's no easy task being a someone once is like having your heart walk around outside your body.

Cherrypie said...

Do you think this watery eye business I get whenever I come over here is anything to worry about? I have other symptoms too.

I feel like my heart will burst with admiration for you. I get this warm all over glow and I have a strong urge to send a hug right across the North Atlantic. For you and Sammy.

I think it's incurable xxx