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Monday, July 02, 2007

Why Sensible People Don't Throw Costume Parties

Canada Day holiday and I'm not "working" today. I mean to say that I'm not going to get paid to work today.
Some time to venture into my "work space" and contemplate doing something about the endless clutter squatting there.
This is what my sewing room looks like for about 14 seconds after I've spent half a day cleaning it up.
All the vintage fabrics and trims I've collected over the past 15 years or so are properly stored away in old suitcases or cleverly stacked on my big old wooden work table.
Then I have a space to work in, so I open up the suitcases and begin to rummage through them.
Then I plan a party and have to go about de-cluttering the living room, dining room, bathroom, and kitchen.
I deposit large piles of strange things under my wooden work table.
The things I simply don't have time to identify, I shove into a grocery bag and huck under that same table.
If I were sensible and i didn't collect stuff to begin with, I wouldn't have to figure out how to keep it all tidy.
If I were sensible, I wouldn't plan fun, fun parties where we laugh our guts out and play
s-up. I couldn't plan them, because I wouldn't have collected all the props for that particular theme.
If I were sensible, I'd likely live in a conservative bungalow, a nice tidy one without old fabric spilling out of bags and boxes.
I'm awfully glad I'm not sensible.


ali said...

No one is as happy as I am that you are SO incredily non-sensible.....and FUN!!!! When's the party?

Ruth said...

sensible just ain't sensible! :)

ain't it?

Bonnie said...

what's the big stink about being sensible anyway?? you're perfect just the way you are!
i'm coming to that next party, i won't chicken out this time!

Tess said...

I'm sure everyone is really really glad that you're not sensible. Someone described me as "steady" yesterday. I wanted to slit my wrists!

Joyce said...

sweet Alice... the bags I am currently evicting and relocating are ones I stuffed for the Bridal Party some weeks back. Imagine my deficit if I had parties more often?!

Ruth and Bonnie, I fully expect to see you in your non-sensibilities as soon as I find the floor in all my rooms, just in time to mess them up planning the next party...

Tess... reminds me of the time I was dating a height-challenged man and I made the mistake of describing him as "husky"... which to me meant that he could be a weight-lifting type, or a non-skinny-I-could-crush-you type, but apparently I was dead wrong. "Husky" is apparently code for SHORT and FAT.


Judy said...

I'm so glad to be non-sensical in such great company!

I have to pack up my creative stuff and move it all this month. Secretly, I had planned to donate it all to the thrift store from whence most of it came...

...but, the 'new' house will have room - a basement workshop - so I shall cart it all along with me.

I think I shall hybernate down there this coming winter.

Anonymous said...

Sensible is soooo extremely boring : ) Lindalew

Ruth said...

btw and speaking of on the lookout --i'm planning to wear a shocking silver jacket to church one day soon. as soon as this stiffling heat wanes a tad...

Bobita~ said...

Sensible, schm-ensible! You are clever, brilliant and edgy...which are soooooo much more interesting!