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Thursday, July 19, 2007

And By Day, He is a Plumber

(a disrespectful photo that I took before enjoying a truly fabulous meal at the Beachcomber restaurant at The Forks. We celebrated our fifteenth anniversary there on July 17. We shared it with our favourite friends and laughed ourselves entirely silly. If I'm proper, I'll write something reminicient and sentimental with proper pictures at another time. Or, keep clicking over at I Wonder. Brian keeps promising that he'll blog again. I think he intends to start with the anniversary event.)


Marshkies said...

Happy Anniversary, Joyce & Brian!!! ... that is quite the plummer-bum-- yeesh!

Linda said...

Oh dear. I'll never be able to look at that guy in the same way again!

Congratulations! Fifteen years is quite an accomplishment!

Valerie Ruth said...

love the photo! classic.

Bonnie said...



(I could have done without seeing that today!!) Love ya!

HeatherCE said...

My eyes! This post should come with a warning, I'll spend all day trying to erase that image from my mind.
We celebrated our 13th on the 15th. Happy Anniversary to you as well!

Judy said...


I mean, Happy Anniversary!

janice said...

Ever heard the saying - don't do crack! (somebody had to say it)

Happy anniversary! Looking forward to reading all about it on Brian's blog.

Leanne said...

You know Colin's a plumber, right? He calls that his 'pencil holder.' And he'll actually stick a pencil in it...or in an unsuspecting co-worker's 'pencil holder'...He's still as crazy as he was when he was a child, now adult rated :)

Happy Anniversary.