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Thursday, July 05, 2007

My Kid is Gonna Be Thirteen!

She's a nice kid.
She and her friends are fun to hang out with.
There are some neural connections being made that don't always involve someone's wallet or someone's self-interests.
She learned to take responsibility for her own academic career this year.
She's pretty.
She's not a klutz like her mother.
She is creative.
She has confidence.
Clearly, there is a loving God.


Gloria said...

does she share a birthday with the handsome, knock-knock-ginger playing fellow from a few pages back?

Bonnie said...

Happy Birthday to you, Happy Birthday to, la, la

13 is a big one! Lots of fun too! I hope she has a wonderful day celebrating who she has become!!

P.S. I sprayed down two pairs of shoes today that were involved in a fight with a certain mud hole. Only one skirt, shirt and pair of jeans to go!!

Ruth said...

she's beautiful! Happy birthday Ariana!

Bobita~ said...

[insert] She has a wonderful, caring mother.

The picture of her relishing the facial...priceless.