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Saturday, July 07, 2007

Happy Trails To Me

Spontaneity is good.

My sister has volunteered on the Le Cuisine crew at the Winnipeg Folk Festival for the past number of years. I meant to fill in the online volunteer form myself this year and attempt to join her, but somehow the urgency of the everyday kept getting in the way.

She called me on the day before the festival with an amused, slightly apologetic tone to her voice. "I think you're volunteering this weekend....."

And so, that's where I got to play on Friday.
Its been ten years since I'd last made it to the festival, though we thought about it every year. Before I had kids, I always loved seeing families there together; the kids all dirty and happy and hippy. Then I had kids, and I tried it myself.


So, yesterday I got to be a grown-up, all by myself, at the Folk Fest. Woo hoo!!

Have you heard of pasties? No, not pastries. Pasties are about two or three inches in diameter, backed with adhesive, and used as body decor. If I were wearing pasties right now, they would likely be peaking out of the bottom of my t-shirt.

Do ya GET it? Its like a very, very small bikini without the strings.


Anonymous said...

I have a set of those 'pastries' somewhere.....oh, I know where.....they're in the 'before I had a kid' drawer. and BTW...I was wondering where my tennis shoes went....I love those tennis shoes...but my daughter made fun of me when I tried them on and I put them back on the shelf....I knew I had class and good taste!!! Great photo BTW...pout is gone and you look very happy and relaxed...must be those 'pastries' ;)

HeatherCE said...

I was there Friday ALL BY MYSELF too, sorry we missed each other.
About the pasties...
I saw those being sported as well. Yikes. My friends were making jokes about me needing a pair this year (surgery related).

ali said...

ok...I just saw people being interviewed at the folk fest on tv. The young hippy chicks were wearing the pasties you spoke of. I definitely get it now.
H, you could get away with wearing those. Show them off, girl.

Cherrypie said...

When you said 'pasties', I immediately thought of the Cornish kind. If I wore those kind of pasties, no-one would be able to tell the difference.

Ellie said...

I always thought pasties were little things that go on nipples..excuse me, not sure who else to say it. ;0 You learn something new every day...

Those tennis shoes..that kind was so popular back when I was in grade school and then they were gone for awhile and then a few years ago, as you probably know, they became popular again. My son bought a pair and much to my chagrin, wore them to his high school graduation. Yep, everyone else had nice dress shoes on and then here comes Mr. Ornery himself with his funky shoes.

At least he is his own person...huh?

I am was so happy to see you had been by to visit me and commented. I have really been enjoying your writing, a lot.

Bobita~ said...

Hee hee. Pasties. Now that is a teensy weensy (yellow polka dot?) bikini. Woooo hoooo!!

Linda said...

Those little babies didn't leave much to the imagination, did they?

Anonymous said...

I think the 'pasties' are related to items I saw on a recent trip: "Dimmers, A Girl's Breast Friend".


Joyce said...

sneakers.... they belong to my daughter, but I wear them whenever possible. I'm too old, not in the sense of "style" but because my feet are not really happy in flat shoes. but I just can't help myself...

pasties... wow. didn't like them, didn't like that people were wearing them around the place but I had a lot of fun laughing about them. Dimmers?