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Monday, July 30, 2007

If I Could Afford a Frame, I'd hang up my New Award

This is off of Danielle's blogspot:

"The Courageous Blogger Award "For those bloggers who are battling or have battled with physical and mental illness, those who are survivors of abuse, poverty, or who have overcome other challenges in life. This award is for the strong, the brave, and the courageous."

I admire these women for their strength of character:
Ame at
Joyce at
Chronicles of Blunderview
Linds at
Rocking Chair Reflections

Grawsh, thanks Danielle!

I've gotta say, its not easy living with a biker in a rusty trailer while coping with multiple personality disorder, OCD, and paranoid delusions. Especially when much of my day is spent walking barefoot through large snowdrifts hauling firewood so I can cook dinner for little Timmy and his crippled brothers.

It takes some courage to run the generater to power my typewriter so I can share these horrers with you all. It often means that by nightfall, we have to play our ipods and gameboys by candlelight since there isn't enough power left for the patio lanterns and Brian had to hide all the lamp oil because I kept setting imaginary intruders and seven-legged spiders on fire.

Well, I'm off to some more battle, but I've got to find a breastplate of some sort that doesn't flatten my implants too badly.

I would have gotten decent quality ones but we never could afford much that wasn't found in the Eaton's basement, or off the back of the bread truck. It hasn't been easy, but with a little strength, bravery, and courage, I believe we may overcome.

*maybe its clear why I didn't get the "thoughtful blogger" award.
Thank you Danielle, and I really mean that! It was sweet of you.


Anonymous said...

Let me go see if I can find the 'funniest...makes me pee in my pants I ever met' award :)

Heidi @ GGIP said...

Congrats on your award. I can over here from Danielle's.

Gloria said...

Count on Joyce to say "thank you" gracefully like this.

Bonnie said...

Ha! Ha! Joyce, you make me laugh and smile, I like that!!!
Congrats! Have a great day, by the way, we have all the wood we need I can come help you carry some in!!

Ruth said...

you are COURAGEous.
and you are an enCOURAGEment too.

it's a gong show... said...

you always make me laugh. that's what i love about ya!