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Saturday, January 10, 2009

ahhhh, Weekend.

The midday feast- remnants from last night's tapas. Brian made the nicest freshest pesto ever- Sun-dried tomatoe, fresh lime, and jalapeno pepper.
What's the reason for this extragavant luncheon? Well, I'm glad you asked.

See this splendid wallet? I paid a big, whopping 25 cents for that piece of leather genius. It has so many fantastic compartments, fully functioning zippers and snaps, and a price to make your eyeballs bleed.

Which relegated this broken down has-been, shattered piece of wallet wanna-be to the trash can with the coffee filters and emptied chip bags.
And is that all, you say? Well, I'm glad you asked. One can't ever have enough chocolate brown bits for the Darfur bag project.... And one can't be too early to begin anticipating next year's ugly sweater extravaganza.

And no, we're not through yet. Nothing like some properly politically incorrect stories to listen to on the newly acquired record player. And that little pink wisp of wonder? its a gift for one of my favourite three year old's in all the world.

Will the wonders never cease? A fabulous sale on jackets, assuming that my boy will continue to divide cells and grow out of the one he currently trudges to school wearing in these sublime minus thirty temperatures.
And that's not mentioning the stack of books and games that Brian bought for his classroom.
Does a Saturday get any sweeter than this? Oh, yes. It does. For this afternoon, we will celebrate Brian's birthday by going to see the movie "The Mysterious Case of Benjamin Buttons", and then round it all out with a magnificent meal at The Ivory.


Anonymous said...

I coulda just given you that wallet for Christmas instead of that licorice all sorts.....too funny. That wallet has been sitting on top of my dresser for about, oh, maybe a year or more, or so?I had a hard time giving it up, glad you got it, plus someone out there will really benefit from that .25!

gloria said...

LOL @ anonymous commenter

Linda said...

Have fun! I really enjoyed that movie-watched it last week. And let me know how Ivory is. I've never been.

coffeeloves said...

i love thrift shopping... it gives me such a rush. I'm glad you got your share today.
Happy birthday Brian-January babies are fabulous.

Karla said...

Great, now I'm salivating thinking about Brian's pesto.

Brian - I hope Joyce got you a new pair of "performance wear" for the pool for a birthday gift! :)

Micah said...

mmm... secondhand performance wear...

joyce said...

who let that kid start a blog anyway?!

Kath... you're so vain, you probably think this post is about you... sorry to break your heart. I don't think its your wallet cuz I went to Morris...
Besides; I really love the licorice allsorts, and they cost about two bucks! Outrageous. I could have gotten eight wallets for that.

A review of the Buttons and The Ivory is coming.

Christine-perhaps a province wide shopping extravagaza is in order?

lettuce said...

how fab!

bargains and good food and family and birthdays