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Thursday, January 15, 2009

I Considered Myself Tagged

I haven't played tag on the blog for a really long time. I've been reading Ordinary Courage lately, and feel inspired and excited about what Brene has learned about shame and its impact our personal lives. So, when I read her post this morning, I decided to be tagged with the "16 things about me" meme. If you don't care, then don't consider yourself tagged.

  1. I hate getting wet. I have to talk myself into showering, and although I love the beach and going to the lake, it has to be at least 36 degrees before I will relent and get into the water.
  2. I enjoy housework. I know. Am I allowed to feel that way? I don't mean that I love constantly cleaning up after everyone, and just live to vacuum, but I do get a deep sense of satisfaction to restoring a room to an orderly manner. I like organizing stuff. I like getting rid of stuff. I love the way the floor looks after I vacuum it.
  3. My hair barely grows. I shaved my head three years ago when we got lice, and with only minimal trims, it now barely grazes my shoulder. People don't believe me, but I'm now putting it into print. Which makes it true.
  4. I don't like making up crafts for kids to do. I feel ashamed of myself but it is just true. I love having kids in my house, and I'd happily give them paper, even paint, play dough, or whatever. Just don't ask me.... "Can we do a craft?" It makes me feel inadequate. I know that its all wrong because of the Darfur project and all, you'd think I lived for crafts, but I just don't. Maybe I'm selfish.
  5. I have always been a bit unbalanced when it comes to cats. When I was little, I pretty much lived in the barn all summer, either at my best friend Elaine's dairy, or at my own farm. I found all the kittens in the spring, and then played with them all summer as they grew up. I felt like a traitor every winter when the brutal temperatures would kill about 75% of them.... Now I have two housecats and one dog. And I love them to pieces.
  6. I rebel in the strangest ways. Keep in mind that I am 41 and long gone from my mother's house, but still I find myself rebelling. I wear white socks outside into the grass and always think about how appalled my mother would be. I sometimes throw out ziploc bags, even when I haven't reused them 28 times. My mother never even bought ziplocs. She washed the plastic wrap from store meat and reused that. And I buy things that are unnecessary to my survival. That's like a huge sin, where I come from.
  7. I love cutting the grass. I love the smell, and the feeling of accomplishment that it brings.
  8. I've never bought furniture from a real store. Unless you count the mattresses, which I suppose came from a real warehouse.
  9. I've never chosen my own kitchen appliances. Just used whatever the house came with, which has happened numerous times. And I don't really care. The only thing I don't love is black appliances, which is what this house happened to come with. Oh, well.
  10. I never got my period until grade ten. I thought I would die from humiliation because I was so ancient.
  11. One of my deepest fears is that I am stupid. There is some part of me that is afraid of this getting exposed to everyone who matters to me, and even those who don't.
  12. I once voluteered for Mennonite Disaster Service. If there is one thing in life that I regret, it is that experience.
  13. I love old cannisters.
  14. I was born the last of eight children. My parents were in their 40's and my elder brothers and sisters were most displeased when another baby came home. I grew up worrying that my parents would not live long enough to meet my children. Now I think about how young 40 is. I feel like I could easily have a baby now.
  15. I love storage containers.
  16. When all the kids are big, I want to drive a small car, like a chevette or a honda civic. I used to drive a crummy little chevette in my 20's. The stick shift broke off, so I just put the knob onto the stub (those sound sort of sexual, but don't be perverse and read into that) and just kept roaring around in that chevette. It was a wonderful, reliable little car. Mini vans are just a necessary evil of birthing four children.

Wanna play? Then tell me in the comments so that I can hear 16 things about you!


bria erskine said...

Hey Joyce! I'd love to play( soon as blogger lets me into my account). And I must add that I'm horribly impressed that you've never bought furniture from a 'real store'. I love that.

Anonymous said...

I love going on hot holidays. Bye bye winter for awhile!!!!!!!!!!!
Schwester Mary

Donn Coppens said...

I loved being 16.

#11 is ridicufrickinlous, you're brilliant.

bria erskine said...

I just had to laugh. As I sat there reading your comment on my blog I was sipping green tea getting more and more bitter by the moment over the fact that I didn't brew up a pot of coffee and instead went with the heathier option. Too funny. And no, I'm not pregnant, I'm just worried that I'm gonna be at some point in the near future. While my junk in the spare room breeds like horny rabbits, so do my husband and I (even though we try to make it not happen). I may as well get in shape now in preparation for my body to get out of shape again.
I also love old cannister by the way. Unfortunatly they don't breed :(

Linda said...

I may do this meme, I may not but I am very curious about #12.

You are a very interesting person and so. not. stupid.

Karla said...

I don't have a blog, but can I play anyway?? Here's a few...

1. I'm currently obsessed with "Sweet Chili Heat" Doritos. I fantasize about eating them and washing them down with Coke Zero with Lime. I ate 3/4 of a bag for supper last night by myself. I wanted to eat the whole bag - but that would have just been wrong.

2. I helped build a goat farm in Honduras.

3. My two favourite movies are "Terms of Endearment" and "Walk the Line". "Walk the Line" was a deeply spiritual experience for me.

4. Our family left "church" two years ago to begin doing house-church with a few other families. Most of the time I think we made the right decision. Sometimes I think we're screwing up our kids.

5. I've had over 60 moles removed from my body. Good thing I'm not worried about scars. I feel like an exposed idiot standing buck naked in front of my dermatologist every 6 months while he looks every square inch of my body over and circles things with a blue ball-point pen. Exposed. Idiot.

6. I'm scared that my girls will hate me when they're teenagers.

7. I can't sew. I use rolled up masking tape to shorten my kid's sleeves when necessary.

8. I was once a passenger on an air canada flight from TO to Wpg that lost air pressure in the plane. Oxygen masks were deployed, freaking out ensued, and I now have to take large quantities of gravol before every flight or I'm a wreck. I once had to ask an older woman behind me to rub my back while we landed so I wouldn't hyperventilate. I'm ashamed of my fear. I feel powerless to overcome it.

1/2 way to 16 - I'll leave it there.


coffeeloves said...

i love you karla :)
if you ever want to fly somewhere together, i'll rub your back.

Heather said...

Oh my gosh! I'm SO glad to hear that an artsy person like you doesn't like coming up for crafts for kids, 'cause it makes me feel so NORMAL! Before I had kids, I did lots of creative things and looked forward to doing stuff with my kids, and then it turned out I really didn't enjoy that part of parenting.

I also drove a chevette, back in the day. It had a golf ball on the gear shift.

joyce said...

ooooh. this is good.
okay. Donn. I think this is the time to tell you that....

(Just priveleged enough to live it out in a more mature body, is all)

Mary. I'm not speaking to you.
It's too cold here, in the real world.

Bria- I'm going to go to your blogspot and have a long conversation with you, since clearly we are both feeling the effects of staying indoors for weeks on end and not getting enough coffee. Its never enough.

Linda. Its like a freakin' novel.
Young woman. Complicated. Insecure. Joins volunteer organization that promises her on-the-job training.
Goes to Kansas. Gets placed in a CONSTRUCTION COMPANY.

No training.

Imagine going to a job site and being told: We are replacing those windows and those doors and shingling that roof.

Need I say more?

Oh. And I shared a house with four men and one woman.

The woman hated me.

Karla. I am officially in love with you. I love those doritos and remember how lousey I felt just this November when I couldn't stop eating them.

60 moles you say. That's impressive. When did this start?
Did you actually go to Honduras? Or send money? Maybe you should send your daughters there when they are teens. Then they would love you for sure.
Besides, you are so good at engaging people, I'll hurt your kids badly if they don't revere you always.

I have many more questions and comments which you have to answer on Saturday or I'll cut your moles out meself.
On an airplane.
(good thing you have nice friends like Christine.)

Heather- its funny how lousey I can make myself feel about the whole craft thing. I just hate them.
You had a golf ball on it because your stick shift broke off as well?!

Anonymous said...

Joyce, I'm sorry, I shouldn't have brought you those stupid paper snowmen. If I was feeling better I would come and craft with those sweet kids of yours because I LOVE it. Feel free to chuck the bag in the garbage!!

Micah said...

oh PLEASE don't feel that way!!!
I thought it was incredibly sweet that you brought that over.

So did the kids.

Just ignore me. i say things.
It's no reflection of you.
I think you are thoughtful and way nicer than me for loving crafts.

joyce said...

miserable kid.
Let him stay home with a pink eye and he signs in and confuses me.

gophercheeks said...

16 things.... I have never done this! It is stressing me out a bit. I am stepping out of the box lately so I will consider myself tagged!
I'll post something on my blog... not sure if I'll hit 16- could be a stretch.

No period till you were in grade 10!!? I was in grade 7. Shit!

Anonymous said...

1. I hate the fact that I worry so much that if I go out for an evening, I replay and replay all my conversations that I had with others and make sure that I didn’t say something stupid or out of line (I usually don’t but sometimes there is the wine….and you just never know!).
2. I really hate worrying that I think there are some people out there who hate me (why I don’t know……) but I think about it anyway.
3. I really detest disrespect from kids. Kids that have attitudes and mouth off really make me upset and the fact that nowadays you can’t really say anything, upsets me even more.
4. I love watching movies…..way more than my hubby…..which causes problems.
5. I wish people enjoyed playing board/card games more.
6. I really enjoy camping (the being there). I do not like the getting ready to go nor the coming back.
7. Really humid weather drives me over the edge. I would rather have this cold and dress for it, than spend my summer in my house because it is way too humid – I am not a heat worshipper. A nice +24 day is perfect for me.
8. I would much rather do yardwork than housework. I too love mowing the lawn.
9. I can’t understand why some people intentionally hurt the feelings of others but yet call themselves Christians.
10. I get so bored with cooking meals day in and day out.
11. I do not like to bake (which shocks many many people).
12. I wish I was more ambitious to renovate my house instead of just looking at it and suggesting something year after year.
13. I love my children unconditionally, but sometimes I wish I was appreciated more and things would be done without having to ask. Especially when you have to run around driving them to everything and supporting them. And they wonder what is for supper (when you have ½ an hour) and if you washed a certain item – when it is probably laying on the bottom of there bedroom floor somewhere!
14. I wish I would quite biting my nails……you would think I was old enough by now….but I guess I am too much of a worrywart.
15. My house is in constant kaos – but if people don’t like it – they can leave. As my mother would say – are you here to visit me or my house?
16. I think I am addicted to coffee, taco chips/salsa and popcorn. I am sure popcorn has been an entrée in our home during the past years.

Anonymous said...

Joyce, it seems like you just open up your ribcage & expose your heart & soul. It takes a strong & confident person to do that. How many of us feel hesitant and intimidated to join a group . I do, & sometimes I labour over what I will say, then I write it out & then I delete it and start over again. I thought about the 16 things & it is hard to decide what I want to share , so will opt out of being tagged. I might do it someday, as I think it is a neat concept. A really neat way to get to know someone. Enjoy your blog, keep it coming as there are lots out here like me, that just like to read, but keep quiet. Carol

coffeeloves said...

1. When I was a child I fell asleep to (played) the chariots of music soundtrack and dreamt of being a famous runner.
2. My favorite country is England and love everything British. We named our daughter after a Brit author who wrote scary romantic tragedies. However, Brontë often proclaims that she'd rather be called "Ariel".
3. I love opera/classical music (thanks to my mother) and listen to it in loud volumes when no one else is home.My favorite Soprano's are Kathleen Battle and Ceclia Bartoli.
4. In gr. 6 I was in love with Peter from the Monkees and was in a "band" with my friend Dee. I was the lead singer. We made it big.
5. In 1988 I got stuck in a rope-pull at Frost Fire after my first attempt at down hill skiing. They had to stop the machine and untangle me. I haven't skied since.
6. My favorite movies are Sense and Sensibility and Sound of Music (I was in love with Christopher Plummer for the longest time).
7. I like to paint old furniture. I have a weakness for old wooden chairs.
8. I wish that we lived in an old character house with huge baseboards (I have a thing for baseboards).
9. when I was young, my family lived on a Pheasant farm in alberta. It was where my mother grew up as a child (minus the pheasants). I loved the fact that I slept upstairs in the same bedroom as she, and hiked around the same hills. Alberta is still home.
10. I was always afraid of having a child with special needs.
11. My son struggles with ADHD, a severe speech delay and the beginnings of an anxiety disorder.
12. I love my children more then anything else in this world.
13. I have a fabulous weakness for thrift shopping. My heart literally starts racing as I pull into a Goodwill or MCC store. who knows what treasures will be there for me? Yesterday I bought original UGG boots from aUstralia for $3.00 (great shape-don't think the owners knew what they were selling).
14. I love to act and be on stage. It is very thrilling for me to pretend to be someone else, i never notice the audience. In bible college I was in a traveling drama troupe called "The Difference".
15. After growing up as a pastors daughter I vowed I'd never marry one. yup.
16. I wish I had a Volkswagen van with curtains.

Anonymous said...

I've got to play...your post somehow brings me back.
1. For my first kiss I was 16 and on and outing with my sunday school class. Where was my ss leader, you might ask, I don't know, ask Carol ;)
2. My greatest fear was getting old. But I am getting over it
3. Remember blind Mary from Little House on the Prairie? Remember how her blind husband hit his head and could all of a sudden see again? I thought that if I hit my head hard enough, I wouldn't need thick glasses, so I would lay in bed and hit my head on the wall. repeatedly. yup.
4. Speaking of glasses, I always thought I was so ugly because of my glasses. It didn't matter that I didn't think others were ugly b/c of them, just me.
5. I am convinced that someday soon someone will figure out that I'm a great big fake, and I pretty much live life by the seat of my pants.
6. I'd like to be a biker chick with many tatoos, and ride a harley when I grow up.
7. The very next second I'd like to be a cowgirl with a buckskin horse.
8. I buy Fruit Loops and sometimes hide them from the kids and eat them for night snack.

Half way there, that's all I got for now. Thanks Joyce!
Wendy Kornelsen-Martens

joyce said...

ooooooooooh! this is fantastic. So much I want to say, so many questions!
Thanks for playing, everyone.

joyce said...

I will say though, that I appreciate your comment, Carol. Some people are more private than others, and there are downsides to living my way as well, believe me.
I love that people come and read yet feel uncomfortable laying stuff out there.

This exercise has been wonderful though. I've learned such interesting things about people. I wish I would remember them all..

jb said...

hey joyce, i posted my 16 things on my blog... it looked like too much fun to pass up. :)

joyce said...

MK- I would not have known that you do the "instant replay" thing. Good to know. I can't imagine that you would say anything regretful anyhow.
I will always let you down when it comes to board games. I wish I liked them, i really do. I play scrabble, and that's about it.

TOTALLY get the camping thing.
But the part about rather having it this cold than humid?! sorry, can't relate. The cold makes me feel downright panicky

I have chewed my cuticles since i was around 10. I cAnnnot stop. When I slow down on the cuticles, it's because I am chewing the inside of my cheeks to shreds.

I wish I would stop.

coffee. chips. salsa. popcorn.
Your place, or mine?

gophercheeks said...

Thanks for your comments Joyce, if we lived closer I would make salsa and buy beer and we could sun ourselves on my deck this summer.... ahhhh, it was fun thinking of 16 tidbits... I think if I had more time to think about it I could have added more.

I AM more interesting than I thought. Huh. Cheers!!

Anonymous said...

16 things...mmmmh. I'll see how far I get...

1. I absolutely unequivocally love pasta...I crave it. A nice plate of steaming al dente pasta with my homemade spaghetti sauce, fresh parm, a sprinkle of garlic salt (I also LOVE garlic)...

2. I really don't mind hand washing dishes. It's a time alone to think. Yes, I am always alone after dinner, everyone scrams as fast as possible, but I usually don't mind. Time to stare out the window and think...ponder the day.

3. Hanging laundry on the clothesline...checking them every now and then and then finally taking them off, stopping to hug their warmness, smell that laundry smell.

4. I really, really hate crumbs left on my countertop and especially the people that leave them there. To me there is a satisfaction in a cleaning wiped counter...and then you dare to leave your nasty, dirty crumbs. My mom did it too when I was growing up and I hated it then!!

5. Hugs and cuddling from my puppy!! He seems to know when I need it most.

6. People who always want "to do something"...they really bother me sometimes. Can't they just do something by themselves or with someone else?? Or get a book and leave me alone?

7. Movies - I really like watching movies - of all sorts. And I always like to watch a movie more than once - you miss so much the first time - you wouldn't believe it.

8. Really hate having to keep somethings bottled up, stewing away for fear of hurting someone I love...

9. Am loving spending more and more "grownup" time and conversation with my growing up girls.

10. I do not care for other people's babies. I don't want to hold them, or cuddle or rock or change them. Don't get me wrong, I loved my kids, just don't expect me to gush over yours.

11. True friends are very hard to find. There is too much value placed on having lots of friends...My girls are like me, one or 2 close friends is all I have and want. I don't put alot of value in fake friends and don't have any time for them. People who chum up to you when they need something, but aren't there when you need them...

12. to be continued

The Naked Chef

Anonymous said...

1. I like diet coke.
2. I have a son and a daughter.
3. I love white t-shirts.
4. I work in an office.
5. I love black clothing.
6. I don't like pets.
7. Any red meat makes me think of blood, I can't stand the thought of eating blood.
8. Tomorrow I qualify for a free pedicure at a fancy spa 'cause the lounge has received water damage.
9. My favourite foods are fruits and vegetables.
10. I've been married to the same guy for 25 years.
11. I frequently fart in public places while shopping, if it's really bad, I just slowly wander to another aisle. No one really knows WHO did IT.
12. I love jeans.
13. I own a piano.
14. I think I'll probably want to be cremated, when the time comes. Not before "the time".
15. My legs are REALLY ugly.
16. I was so badly constipated once that my sister had to drive me to emerg. for an enima and a lot of speeches about fibre and prunes.
17. When I'm shopping and I change my mind about a purchase, I'll just klunk it down anywhere.
18. Sometimes I've received gifts for Christmas that I don't like and I just store it for a year or so, and then drop it off at a thrift shop. I'm thinking those gifts were bought at a thrift shop for me anyway.
19. Did I mention that I like diet coke?
20. I wish I had had 4 kids in total.
21. I pick up my mail everyday.
22. I have a mother and father.
23. I love trees in every season. In order, starting with best, would be fall, winter, summer and then spring. I also LOVE leaves.
24. I love water.

Ellen D

New Jordans said...

The new line is absolutely stunning! I have been so entertained by your blog,keep smiling and take care!