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Thursday, January 29, 2009

Hmmm... Tryin' To Do The Math...

Could someone please explain to me HOW, if I have this many bags to deliver and send; enough to be a considerable weight in my arms.... How the fabric in my weeney studio just seems to multiply exponentially?

Could it be related to the fact that on the weekends I seem to be compelled to rush out to thrift shops far and wide to recover what lurk there in their depths?

Could it be fueled by a sense of "not enough", or is it more insidious.... like Greed?!
(What if I don't go and someone else gets all the good stuff and they hoard it or don't appreciate it or use it for something ridiculous like *gasp* RAGS??!!)

Ahggg... my heartrate is increasing! Happily, its nearly the weekend, and I can rush out on another rescue mission to insulate my home with poor, neglected, unloved cast-offs. I will love them. I will care for them. I will go out and I will purchase them!

Oh! What a happy family we will be...


Jennie C. said...

I was already a packrat. And then 2nd hand fabric happened. Gaaahhh! It's YOUR fault. I wonder how long before we'll have to start reinforcing our houses to carry the weight of it all. And I can't even sew right now - my sewing machine frightens me. January frightens me. Buying more stuff doesn't frighten me at all.

Anonymous said...

Good idea for a fabric hunt this weekend. Don't worry Joyce, there is a hundred miles between us, you are safe from me, but I don't know about everyone else that you gave the idea to. have fun! Carol

joyce said...

bah, ha Carol, you speak too soon! I am driving my daughter's basketball team to carberry for a tournament tonight and am overnighting in Brandon!!

Too bad there's that whole "time" element and I'm really there as a driver. Can't just think about me and fleshing out my collection.

Jennie- I love to take credit for such a wonderful obsession! Besides, you've got it all wrong. We don't need to reinforce. We need to recognize what a GREEN way we are choosing to insulate our homes with.

EPrairiegrrl said...

I feel so much better about my hoarded fabric collection now! :-)

coffeeloves said...

all I can say is that you have a fabulous little cubby/shelving for your fabric...I saw it when it was black but I don't remember that pretty little piece of molding on top!? Did brian add that?

I like cubby's, I like the word cubby's.

joyce said...

Brian made the whole thing for me, and I adore it. Now I just need a small hip-roofed barn that has cubbies all along one side, a great wooden floor, long tables, and lots of windows for natural light. I would go crazy with joy in there.

That's all I need.
Just that one little thing.