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Thursday, January 22, 2009

So Not For The Librarian type

I really like my job. I like it when these little people come to my house and learn to turn funny little munchkin sounds into words and sentences. I like seeing their little personalities take shape- tender, hard-nosed, goofy, compassionate- whatever.

But some days are just designed to test my ability to simply hack the volume. Some days the kids come in happy and just plain loud. No amount of discussions about indoor voices and outdoor voices cause any sort of lasting change. They are just set at full volume, and their little dials are stuck.

Today is such a day; but at least when I look into their loud little faces, what I see is wild amounts of happiness and abandonment to their play. Which really beats the ever livin' heck out of whining and fighting.

In any case, its nearly 3:00 and soon I can stuff their little noise makers full of oatmeal cookies to dampen the crescendo somewhat.

Thanks, I feel better now. Maybe I'll go shove some chocolate chips into my ear canals, lodge a couple of kids into the snow bank, hang the above sign on my door and lose myself in my book for a while.
There's no law against that, is there?


Homo Escapeons said...

Why not snuggle up with a book on the magic of chloroform and it's myriad of domestic uses.

Talk about peace N quiet!

gloria said...

i actually think there might just be a law against losing kids you are given care of, yes

coffeeloves said...


I think that domestic dream of lodging kids in the snow is pretty tame if you ask me-
If I had your job joyce, I probably would have thrown MYSELF in the snow bank by...oh, 9:30 a.m.
It's nice to vent isn't it?!!!!