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Tuesday, January 20, 2009


A particular evaluation of a situation or facts, especially from one person's point of view.

A lot of the time, that's what it all comes down to- the way that we see it. The wounds and messages that life has pounded into us shape and flavour the interpretation of every word spoken, every action carried out.

When I notice my thoughts spewing out a seemingly endless series of insults and statements about my inadequacies and failures and flaws; I call it "Being reduced to the lowest common denominator". It often feels like being reduced to a three or four year old self, minus the "cute" factor- just shy of retreating to a corner, peeing myself, and rocking back and forth as I suckle my thumb and twirl my hair.

Conversely, when I recognize all the advantages in this life; all the possibility that can be birthed; how fear and laziness can cause a person to spend their entire life quiet, unobtrusive, bored and ineffective....
Then I think that its ridiculous to let fear rob you of your life. How things need to be evaluated and filed- the negative experiences of life learnt from but not the "boss" of the rest of your life. I think about how important it is to take responsibility for your own messes, and clean up after yourself as best as you know how. Victem mentality is not something that I seeing working really well for anyone. Or blame shifting. God knows no one likes to be corrected, and few of us like to be wrong. Still, once the sting has worn off somewhat, there is true merit in evaluating it all from a fresh perspective. Learning where you could tweak your own perspective (your lowest common denominator perspective). These things don't have to remain static or become cemented in place. Our perspective should be more of a fluid variety; willing to shift and change with the inclusion of new information and personal growth.

I had a chance to get over to Heather's blog today. Its infrequent now that I get through my list of blogs because my spare minutes get taken up with the sewing machine or the urgency of daily living. But today I managed to watch her video clip while me and the kids were eating hamburger soup for lunch. (not kumst borscht. Nope. Not today) Here is a woman who seems to constantly redefine her perspectives, and press on to extend her territory. I love the still way she determines courage, meaning, and risk-taking.

What about us? Can we challenge ourselves in reasonable but courageous ways this new year? Can we absorb new information into the way we perceive and interpret our realities? Can we be patient with others as they react out of their own wounds without having to defend our own?

When you read stories or watch movies about people who change history in big and small ways, they are people who resolutely believe things empowering and positive things about themselves and their place in this world. They are not people who are looking around for permission to live their lives. (I'm partway into such a book right now- "Tears In The Desert". I expect it will be heart-breaking and inspirational)

Courage for you probably looks different than courage looks to me. Which brings us back to perspective. We're not meant to be all the same, but we are meant to fully be our own particular instrument in this orchestra called life.


Karla said...

Damn, I was hoping to read about someone making kumst borscht today. You know my fascination with kumst borscht! :)

I can't wait to talk about "Tears In the Desert" with you when you're finished.

Heather said...

Thanks for your kind words. Here's to fully being ourselves!

p.s. I'm rather fond of my word verification today. Mooklic. Sounds a little like a plautdisch word for an emotion or state of being. Maybe I'm feeling "mooklic" today. :-)

bria erskine said...

"bored and ineffective"
i guess this would properly discribe what i feel most of the time...hmmmm. maybe i should get on that.

Anonymous said...

Good post Joyce....L-lew