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Wednesday, September 16, 2009

Do-It-Yourself Weekend Project

Okay; so no.
I did not whip up this adorable bedroom on a Sunday afternoon.

But. Armed with only this and this; I managed to turn
into this. Which ought to make this little girl kinda happy.
And, it was just as easy as it looks. For your imitating pleasure; a brief tutorial:

1. Unroll cast-off carpet in front lawn on a particularly warm and humid Sunday afternoon.

2. Encourage the whole family and a few pets to participate.
3. Crawl around in plain view of passing traffic, cutting a room shape into a large, heavy bit of plush.
4. Haul it up the stairs and shift it around to fit a bedroom. It works better when you don't try to stand on it and move it at the very same time. That's just a tip for ya.
5. Stand back and enjoy your fantastic achievement.
6. Gear up for the second project.
With the remnants of the remnants, I didn't exactly create this to wrap up my weekend project.

But I did manage this in the dank dungeon-esque basement daycare space.

And that ought to make a few of these even cheerier.


tanya said...

I don't know, that green-blue shag is pretty couldn't just convince her that it was retro enough to be cool.

joyce said...

well, I fudged the facts a little. That was the carpet in her room when we moved in six years ago. I ripped it up (very dirty and scarey blue shag that she actually DID think was retro and funky) and replaced it with a really BAD piece of cast-off carpet. Really bad. It was pretty much the same beige colour as this one, but all marred up with what looked like bleach stains and other mysterious stains. But for creative content, this blog post went better going straight from blue shag to clean beige. Instead of blue shag to raunchy beige to clean beige.

Forgive me.

me said...

oh love love love your blog.

box cutters really scare me though...

AND is that a pic of your daughter???
i love leaving random thoughts.
hope you love reading them.

joyce said...

yeah, my daughter.
Probably should lock her up.

(I do love them! And you!)

Anonymous said...

The carpet in the basement is a big hit.

Carly came telling me all about the new carpet downstairs at Joyce's.

me said...

She is one pretty girl.

But hey...she's got good genes....

joyce said...

yeah, and four pairs of JEANS which no one would know because she likes the torn ones from grade eight. She├Ęs in grade 10...

Karla said...

Nothing, oh nothing in the past few days has given me a bigger smile on my face than the look of Sam with those glasses!!!