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Tuesday, September 01, 2009

Stuff That Makes My Heart A'Flutter

Doing a big of blog slummin', I decided to springboard from Christine's chosen direction of blogging about gratitude. (So, don't tick me off and ruin for everyone else; OKAY?)

I'll start with a few of my summer treasure hunting favorites:
A whole delicious row of sewing thimbles- found stuffed in an old pill bottle for 25 cents.
I could hardly speak. This cake stand. Probably the loveliest in my collection. (okay, so I only have three cake stands so far... but whaddevah)
This here large milk glass goblet type thingie. What a
find on my thrifting adventures with old friends in Brandon.
It went nicely with this white laying hen that I found at townwide garage sales two towns over.
And the most delightful greeting cards. I have a particularly hard time ever writing on these, but my dear Rosa does get them on occasion, because she's not nearly as selfish as I am, and I don't want her to know the darkness
in my own covetous heart. This red lamp. Especially for a measley dollar at yard sale in Wasagaming, Riding Mountain National Park.
And last, but certainly not least-- the child's play iron.
In my favorite colour.
With a real dial.
And an actual cord that plugs in. (stupid idea for a child's plaything; brilliant thing for a 41 year old child to uncover in a box full of junk at an auction sale)
I think that iron is my top favorite summer find.
*ahhhhhhhh* happy sigh.


Christine said...

i stopped breathing for a few seconds when i saw that
cake stand.

tanya said...

i've never been much of one for ironing, but i can't help but imagine what i could bake to go on top of that beautiful cake pedestal!

gophercheeks said...

Absolutely adore the lamp!!! Thanks for sharing!
Guess who got a fancy new 59 stitch sewing machine for her birthday last week??? That's right..... and my 5 year old has already put in an order for a Halloween costume!!

Pray for me.

Rosa said...

I truely hope I don't have to empty your house when your dead because I would have to take it all home. Than when I got it all home I'd be so sad because I couldn't call you and tell you about the great haul I just got.

Roo said...

that lamp. that lamp. that lamp. wow!