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Wednesday, September 09, 2009

The Sam-cident

It was a pretty big day all right. No trouble getting this little grade one boy up and ready for his great foray into book learnin' with the big boys.
His big brother was now a senior at the elementary school - looking down benevolently from his lofty position as sixth grader. He'd not forgotten his own humble beginnings though, and agreed amicably to the responsibility of walking his little brother up to the appropriate school doors while I stayed at home raising other people's toddlers.
So, outfitted in brand-new "skinny jeans" picked out by his older, more fashion conscious sister; Sam set off with his backpack loaded up with snacks, a ham sandwich, and a yummy juice box to look forward to on his first "all day" at school.
I suppose it would be wrong to speculate that the t-shirt that he chose had a bad omen.
I suppose that if he'd worn a spider man t-shirt, he wouldn't have found himself swinging from Wiens Furniture to Gan's Kitchen and beyond- all the way to that hallowed house of learning. So what was to alert us to the possible dangers of wearing a shirt depicting an innocent bicycle?
How were we to know that a certain young cyclist's bicycle seemed to hone in on that shirt like a checkered flag at a grand prix, slamming straight into my little man and sending him flying?

His big brother walked him straight back home to me- and boy, he had a shiner! A great big bulgy goose egg, right below that pretty blue eye.
And from what I see; that blue is about to get closed in by a whole lotta black.
But thanks to the kindness of a big brother; that wound won't go too deep.
And because I'm not really superstitious, I'll go ahead and let him wear those monster truck and quad-depicting t-shirts.
Right after I push him up to school wrapped in a blankey, belted into his old stroller........


tanya said...

goalie pads. even if he doesn't pay hockey, you should get him goalie pads...and a helmet with a face shield.

andrea pratt said...

He will always have a good story to tell about his first day of school now! :)

Kristine said...

wow, I didn't get a bruise like that at school until at least grade 1! go sam!

Karla said...

Not my Sam!!!
Though Sam, I do have to say that you look mighty tough with that shiner.

jenn said...

The picture doesn't do it justice Joyce, it looked way worse in real.

Judy said...

Oh, my.

Poor Sam.

And poor Sam's mom!

(word verication? "autch")

joyce said...

yeah, he looks pretty tough.
So tough, that he got to stay at home watching "George Shrinks" til the shock and some of the ouchie wore off.

And Jenn is right- it does look worse than that. I want my photographer daughter to see if she can get a decent shot of it to truly shock and amaze all our friends.

(and thanks for getting my bruiser back to school, Jenn :)

Anonymous said... Mothers don't have enough to worry about...

Rio Dulce Project said...

aw, I saw them walking to school together. It must have happened just after that! Poor thing.