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Friday, September 11, 2009

Wish you were here...

I miss this place sometimes.
This blog.

When I started writing on a weblog, I was just stupid and naive enough to think that I was writing to the great, anonymous, faraway masses. That bit me in the ass pretty early on. Then I worked on being honest and authentic without being hurtful and blowing people's privacy. Now, I worry about writing about almost anything.

So, I miss this place.

But I'm going to rant about some stuff anyway. Some stuff that really bugs me and gets my ridiculu-meter revving.
  1. Outdated signs. When you drive into Winnipeg down St Mary's Road (which is now one of two ways, since the St Adolphe bridge went tets up, and the bridge leading through St Norbert got closed....sheesh. Speaking of things that are annoying. but I digress.) Just inside the city a mile or two is a sign for a manicure place that says: Spring Special! Well, that really bugs me because it's hardly spring anymore, is it. We never even got spring, not to mention summer. So, take down the bloody sign, or apologize, or something.
  2. The buzzer on my dryer. It's really loud, and goes on forever. It bugs me.
  3. Kids who lie for no apparent reason. They've got nothing to hide; nothing to fear; nothing but a love for the untrue. They make up stories about being able to see and measure the size of a mosquito's brain. They tell tales of being in particular dance classes, including their times and location, when they are in fact not enrolled in any dance whatsoever. They will lie about food, about clothes, about anything.

Now humour me. Give me three of your petty grievances.


PamJ said...

venting is good :)
- BAD drivers
- cold hearted RUDE people
- sleepless nights due to a 6mth old who wants to make sure i am on my toes because the first two children knew how to sleep through the night but the third one has to be SO different...
oh and those outdated signs are esp a pet peeve when you don't KNOW they are outdated!

Anonymous said...

1. People who litter.
2. People who stand on escalators (how lazy can you get).
3. Road Construction.

I also agree with you on the outdated signs!!! MK

Anonymous said...

1. When people DON'T know that people entering St Vital Mall have the right of way, it is NOT a 4 way stop!!!
2. When people know how to help them selves to ice, but NOT how to refill the tray with water. Oh no.
3. Flies in fall. I HATE flies in fall. They don't even know how to fly.


Jenn said...

1. People who don't vote.
2. People who litter. Just last week I was walking through a parking lot with somebody who threw an empty pack of gum on the ground, I was stunned!
3. People who park like jerks. If you have 2 perfectly good legs, do you really have to park 2 feet from the church doors? Save the spot for a senior.

As far as outdated signs go, I am tempted to phone Wiens Furniture one of these years and ask them if I can purchase the camcorder they are advertising at the corner of the 311 & 59 Highway, that 1987 Sony must be pretty cheap by now.

Anonymous said...

I can't resist ...
I am in the throws of a brand new, gargantuous... ok. (that might be someone elses grievance- people that guess on spelling!!)
it holds the weight of 3. at least to me.
I just got the info for school pics for kids... and, for extra money... I can now order school pics of my beautiful kids.. air brushed, no blemishes etc. etc.
ok... let me buy a punching bag..
and ... what are our schools thinking ... encouraging this message. ???
I don't want a school pic of kids that portrays some air brushed/plastic version...
I am not coping with this.
We work so hard to build self esteem.. sense of self.. etc. and then our schools gives sanction to a company that encourages airbrushing away...
I will not buy pictures ..
I will take pictures...
that is my grievance
and that is my solution..

Anonymous said...

This is interesting...hmmmm, I've got way too many....

1. the buzzer in our truck that keeps on beeping FOREVER, unless you buckle up instantly...and that's right up there with that darn french frie buzzer at McDonalds...I'd bust the machine if I worked there...ok I guess that's 2...kinda...but 1 them...buzzers : )

2. Flippin over friendly people who never, ever have a bad day....just cheery all the time....gets me....or horrible grumply miserable people who always crab about who does that leave to like, I'm wondering : )

3.Dishonesty....hate it....L-lew

Linda said...

Continuing with the sign theme, I can't stand spelling mistakes on signs.

And drivers (see my post of weeks ago which I have not updated yet)

Mud. I hate mud. It's all around my house, on the driveway, on the sidewalk, on the road. I can't walk into the door without tracking in mud, that is me and the other 10 or 15 people that find their way into my house with their muddy shoes.

I hate mud.

Jennie C said...

Outdated signs bug me, too. Especially at work. I take them down.

Oooh - also at work - people who throw their trash in the pop can recycle bin. And people who trash meeting rooms and leave them that way. Seriously - I'd love to put my sleeve into your coffee puddle during a meeting.

People who don't watch where they're going in public places. They stand in a huddle chatting and then just back up.

Children who wipe their poopy bums and then put the tp into the garbage can instead of leaving it in the toilet. Who does that? Where have I gone wrong?

I think that's more than three...

Karla said...

Arrogance in any form, state or container.

People who talk exceedingly loud in restaurants and think the rest of us a)give a damn b)think they're so brilliant we want to hear everything they're saying

When people think every conversation needs to end with a personal anecdote of how this directly relates to them or some obscure member of their family.

Sheesh. I sound cynical and bitter, don't I?

How 'bout when members of your family can see the garbage can is overflowing but continue to stuff things into it so it overflows more instead of just emptying it and putting in a new bag?

joyce said...

This is WAY more fun than I could possibly have imagined! And of course, I have thought of a few more. Should I be proud of this, or ashamed?!

4. people who go shopping in their pajama pants. And not cute ones either- stretch cotton strained over their bulges.

5. people who don't EVER listen but interrupt CONSTANTLY.

6. whistles blown indoors.

joyce said...

...and now some comments on the comments.
Pam- babies who don't sleep. WHEW! that's really irritating, because you also feel guilty for being irritated. I remember it well.

MK- I like standing on escalaters. There. i said it. *whew* How about construction zones with speed limits of 50 km that last for years, and years. (overpass on Lag, anyone?!)

Kath- I recall you yelling at people at that intersection. With your windows closed, of course.

Jenn- littering. Can you believe it? I was got a ride from a fellow student at university and she casually opened her window and fed scrap paper into the great outdoors. I knew that we would never be friends.

BB- that's a HOT one.
That actually triggers another one for me. not as hot, but still... (meanwhile I fear that I am doing what Karla hates- relating this irritant to ME and MINE)

The schools spend so much time and energy and money teaching: reduce, reuse, and recycle. Then you regulary see recyclables in their garbages. THIS OUGHT NOT TO BE TOLERATED!!

Anyway BB- your pictures are WAY superior to those lousey school ones anyway.

LL- I really love your #2!! I totally get that! Bouncy perky happy are just as irritating as miserable grumpy people. They lack authenticity.

Linda- mud. when what we want is SUMMER!

Jennie- how hard is it to recycle anyhow? I can't stand seeing cans and glass in garbages. And then when you see garbage in the recycling-- well. That just adds insult to injury.

Karla- you know what I find irritating? Finding out that TODAY IS YOUR BIRTHDAY!!!!!!!!!!!!
(found out from my facebook daughter)
And those loud restaurant people- don't you love it when they laugh extra hard at their very OWN jokes?!

Rosa said...

I'm a little stuck on that dryer comment. Can't you turn yours of {threw in that spelling error for BB} She really needs to get off of us spelling errorors backs. I mean really I think if someone wanted to sell me a picture of me air brushed I'd say what the hey na ne na You betcha and could your camera take off about 20 pounds. I won't even get into what I'd like them to sell me in the kid department. Cheers everyone.

joyce said...

do you think they could airbrush me some kids who clean up their rooms and quit drawing all over their $12 binders?!

Judy said...

Cat who stands IN the litter box and pees OUTSIDE of it - ON ME.

People (husband) who INSISTS that hair can be 'trained'.

Our neighbors (lovely people, really) whose garage door squeaks something awful. Seriously annoying sound - and has done this for TWO YEARS.

(oh. and all people who believe that PMS is a myth. let me show you mine!)

Anonymous said...

Re: Escalators - I guess I am always in a rush...... and another peeve are people who use the disability doors when there hands are totally free......!!!! They constantly break down and makes it difficult for the people who actually need them! MK

Rio Dulce Project said...
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Crystal said...

I have a rather large list, but I'll try to pare it down:

~Drivers who DON'T KNOW HOW TO MERGE!!
~Driver's who don't use blinkers
~Bad grammar & spelling
~Liars & Manipulators
~People who ALWAYS have a better story to tell
~Self centered people
~People who lack compassion

That'll do for today!

Barfly said...

1)People who slow down or even stop right when the merge lane comes up to the traffic you want to merge into. There is a whole lane in from of you to keep driving in so you can get up to speed and find a spot.

2) People who only complain or only call to talk to you to complain and don't actually care about how your life is.

3)People who don't respect other peoples rights or freedoms and infringe upon them because they are just trying to get everything for themselve and work the system. When really all then do is screw you over.

Ahhh thats better, good exercise Joyce.

Anonymous said...

just a side bar for Joyce.
binder for $12
or an $18 binder that is designed to be written on...(don't tell them!)
what next?!

Anonymous said...

Hey Joyce you are getting money's worth on this one.

My list has 2 pet peeves, people who don't turn off their cell phones in meetings & answer them oblivious to what is going on around them. Also people talking on cells when in traffic. Oh I may as well go for 3 , I will add people who put their purse or bag on my kitchen table. Who knows where that purse has been??? BBNM

bria erskine said...

Ha. I like this post and all of the angst you've brought to the surface. It's good to get it out sometimes :) Not sure if I can limit mine to 3 though...
1) When my significant other 'cleans-up' the yard by throwing...yes, throwing everything into the shed so that it's a tangled mess and I can't for the life of me crawl over the lawn mower onto the tommy car to get the stroller out, which is hooked on some unidentifiable object, before the toddler that I take care of eats all of the sidewalk chalk that my own kids leave lying around.
2)People who are self-righteous. I could write a novel on this one.
3)This strange pressure that I feel to have more than two children...especially when others around you want 3 or 4 and can't understand why you wouldn't want to have as many as possible because they are a 'blessing from the Lord' so we should all just keep making babies. Isn't it enough to say that if I had another one at this point in my life I would implode? No. For some reason it's not.
That actually felt pretty good to get that all out :) Thx.

joyce said...

Rose- I cannot turn off the buzzer! and yes, I have tried. Maybe someone a little better with machinery would know how, but not me.

Judy- maybe your cat has PMS.
My cat used a baby playpen to poop in one day when we were away. honestly. (and yes, you paranoid people- I THREW IT OUT!!)

joyce said...

diability: I have a certain cousin who kept her handicap parking sign years and years after the person requiring the sign had passed away.
Now. That really bugs me.

Crystal- when people donèt use their blinkers, I always make a point of shouting (to myself or to Brian or to no one in particular)- "it's okay! No problem! We ALL know where you live!"

Barfly- I'm a little worried that I may be faulty in the merging category. but I'd never admit to it.
And if you don't want to collect friends who call you and talk and talk about themselves- be really needy yourself. Then they won't even want you!
People who work the system like faking long term disability. Now that's just evil.

BB I'll also never admit to buying one of those said binders....

BBNM- cell phones. grrr. since when did we all become so important?! And the purse thing- oh dear. never thought of that. Good thing I've never been to your house, because I'd probably do something that disgusting! ;)

Bria- ditch those baby-pressuring heroes. They are SOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO in denial. Or on drugs. Or they like pain.
Besides. do they have a husband who tangles up the shed like that? huh? do they?!