Saturday, April 07, 2007

Jane Margaret

Jane Margaret is eleven years old today.

Sweet baby Jane.

Maggie Mae.

Jane is highly sensitive. When she was a breast-fed baby, she could tolerate precious little. Anything I consumed that originated from a cow would make her scrunch up and scream with stomach cramps. Most fruits and vegetables had the same un-glorious effect.

We survived, her and I, on mostly toast, saltines, and coffee.
That didn't last long, only a very long year or so.
She was also born with sensitive skin. She is prone to eczema, molloscum, (which we've been fighting for over a year now...), and has always had ichthyosis- a condition which makes her skin unusually dry and scaley. Its largely limited to her arms and legs, but recently, Jane has grown weary of kids commenting on her need for lotion. Its just another area where our little girl is extra sensitive.

When Jane became a toddler, our little artist emerged.
She drew and painted and created masterpieces out of the recycling box. Jane draws extraordinarily well, especially if no one is expecting her to. If she just lets herself go, its quite a pleasure to behold. This Christmas, she got a lot of supplies to help her along in her giftedness. Her daddy also set up an art blog for her to display her talents.
Due to her senstive nature, I suspect that she felt the pressure to succeed. Buried under stuffies in her bedroom, are the unopened, unused art kits...
When we had to move, Jane was just finishing grade one. She cried. She knew she would miss her friends.
Jane still misses her friends, and feels very sad about it. She has many new friends, and likes to look out for the ones who the other kids suspect are "mentally challenged". The super popular kid in class annoys Jane, because Jane can't see how her fancy clothes and loud personality make her more important than anyone else.
Jane loves her mama a great deal. She is also very, very attached to anything soft and stuffed. Her room is a stuffy sanctuary. Jane is all about friends right now, and loves to play. Jane has the most beautiful laugh.
I have many hopes for my Maggie. I wish for her God-given sensitivity to not overwhelm her, but to make her life rich and full. I wish for her to allow her talents to flow out of her from the joy of being alive. I wish for her full and healthy relationships.
Happy Birthday, Sweetie. I'm so glad you're mine.


Anonymous said...

Wow those photos brought back a flood of memories. Naked babies on a old quilt. Covetous curly locks and poker straight hair. Much much playdough and mid afternoon wine. Happy Birthday Jane. Christ is Risen!!!! Hope you all have a great day.

andrea said...

So, Joyce, what's your opinion on the arranged marriage? I think Jane would be a perfect match for my 12 year old Adam in SO many ways. Get your people to call mine.

andrea said...

(BTW Adam is 1/4 Mennonite down the patriarchal line so even sports a Mennonite surname. Does it get any better than that? :)

Roo said...

happy birthday jane!! :)

Judy said...

Hooray for sensitive people!

The world is sadly lacking in them.

Happy Birthday to Jane, may her tribe increase.

Anonymous said...

Sounds like our daughters were separated at birth...only mine just turned 12. She has an artist's eye and a compassionate heart. Happy Birthday to your treasure!

Linda said...

Happy, happy birthday Jane! She's gorgeous!

shelley said...

Happy birthday Janey- we think you are great! Thanks for the surprise hello the other day, it was good to see you again.

it's a gong show... said...

Happy birthday Jane! You must've gotten your creative genes from your mother. Hope you have an awesome day!

it's a gong show... said...

That sounded kinda bad eh?! I'm sure Brian is creative too...whoops.

lettuce said...

Happy birthday lovely Maggie.

She has a lot in common with my LG, I think they'd get on.

would you be allowed/able to give me the address for her art blog?

Hope you had a good Easter.