Friday, October 17, 2008


This week was going to be refreshing. A week off from the bag blog.
I don't know what I was thinking, as what I've learned this week is that I don't have any time to do the bag blog. I didn't want to find that out, because I'm completely sure that I'll continue to do it anyway.

Take today for example. (tgif) My littlest boy has a bit of a problem with bed wetting. No big deal, its just the way it is. And besides, I have this fancy mattress protector with plastic on one side to prevent any accidents from going from inconvenient to plain nasty.

This morning something told me that if he had indeed had an incident in the bed, then his blanket should be a whole lot wetter than what it was. My clever spidey senses tingling, I looked very closely at the mattress cover. Right at waist level was a break or two in the oh-so-helpful vinyl cover.

(no. It wasn't as bad as it looks in the picture. It was this bad AFTER I put it through the washing machine.)

But the end result was that it was going to take more than a set of sheets going through the washer to get that room back to health codes. Coulda been worse. He could have an actual mattress, but he actually has a thick foamy. Just perfect for a steamy shower with a dash or seven of Mr Clean. I was just hauling that foam away from the stairs and over to the laundry/bathroom when my eyes fell on this abomination.
The darn dog didn't make it through the night any better than my little monkey-boy.
Off to the bathroom to give the mattress a shower.

Seemed like a good time to discover that after washing up Sam's quilt, the washing machine's drainage hose had slipped and the entire contents of the drum had just drained itself out onto the bathroom floor.

Good thing there were lots of sheets and things to sop of the first 47 litres.

What is it about fridays and pee?
It was a Friday that a certain young lady drained her bladder on my armchair.
A Friday that another find young lady relieved herself beside the slide at the playground, without the inconvenience of shedding any clothing.

It's friday again, and this time the washer, the dog, and the kid are all in on the fray.



Valerie Ruth said...

sounds like it's starting to become a friday tradition! what a way to kick off the weekend.

Anonymous said...

What a day!!!!!!! I hope the rest of your weekend is better! MK

PamJ said...

oy. i don't like those kinda days. hopefully that's it for today though!

Roo said...

:) oh man. i am one who is also very thankful for the invention of mattress covers. i got one for $5 at walmart. (if you need to find a replacement) :)

i don't know if they didn't have them when i was growing up or if my mom was just being super frugal but i remember my brothers bed sounding really CRUNCHY because she used plastic bags to protect his mattress. (sorry sherwood if that tmi on the www) :o

mmichele said...

I saw that mess in the last photo and that's when I thought, "Shit."

I guess at least it wasn't.