Friday, May 07, 2010

Goin' to the Cabin

Last time I was at the cabin, it was really, really cold.
The lake was buried beneath a sheath of snow. The deck was invisible.
The fridge didn't need to get turned on, except to raise its temperature, and the oven offered a lovely secondary heat source.

This time, we won't need the elements for heat. We'll have running water. Maybe sip our coffees on the deck. And the rhubarb slush. Meanwhile, we'll be snacking on Roselle's cheese scones, Kathy's tabouli and spinach rice salad, and looking forward to Mary's morning cinnamon buns. Laura might bring a few dozen boxes of crackers from Costco, Amanda will be gracefully, serenely mixing up something gourmet on the side, and Carol's contribution will likely have an international flare.

Wine will flow. Tongues will wag.
It'll be hilarious, as always.

Once a year the female descendants of the late and great grandfather and grandmother Kehler gather together for a crazy sleepover with limited amounts of sleep. While our grandparents' whiskers would likely curl at the liberties that the generations have coloured us with, I like to think they'd be pleased to think of us all together.

Laughing and learning into the future.


Anonymous said...

have great fun! if you have a good rhubarb slush recipe, would you mind sharing?

The Naked Chef

Karla said...

I thought I was family. I wasn't invited. I wanna come too.

Anonymous said...

Need rhubarb slush recipe. Will trade for apricot brandy slush recipe.

Hope you're having fun at your party.


Anonymous said...

PS: Karla - I know EXACTLY where that little cottage is. Pick you up in an hour, OK?

joyce said...

I was super excited about the rhubarb slush, but in the end, I found it too sweet for my liking.

6 cups sliced rhubarb
8 cups of water.
boil medium for about 20 minutes, til its all liquidy. strain out the pulp. Add half a cup of lemon juice, a small box of strawberry jello, and mix. When its cooled somewhat, add 1.5 cups of vodka. Put it in the freezer and stir every hour or three as it turns to slush. I understood the recipe to say: add another cup of vodka before serving, and serve half and half with ginger ale or 7 up.

If I make it again, I'll try halfing the sugar to 1.5 cups. I'd like a more tart flavour.

candy said...

Awwwww, I love the Kehler's. I can only guess that the Amanda the made the gourmet something was my auntie. I love the Kehlers, I would have been there in a heartbeat!

Love you Joyce!

Anonymous said...

Perhaps the cousins should take a road trip. How does "Cousin Gathering, 2010 - Regina" sound?


candy said...

I say the cousin gathering should be in Georgia, whatch y'all think???

Mary KG said...

We had a blast, didn't we girls -- or can you remember?

joyce said...

well, Regina is pretty tempting.
Be careful what you ask for...

Anonymous said...

Denise, if you are really SERIOUS, I'm IN. Really girls, who wants to go to Regina next year? Maybe Georgia another time?

What fun....kathy

And Mary,I do remember and it was fun! Is anyone on manifanny yet?

Anonymous said...

I am absolutely serious! Consider this an open invitation for an all inclusive trip for the cousins. You get here, we'll do the feeding and the watering... It's time.

Cousin Laura said...

Hey, Great Idea!!! I'll only have to travel half as far. I don't think I've seen you since high school. It really IS time!

Laura said...

No manny fanny, no ideal manna, no exercise, no cinnamon buns, no powdered wonder food, no drinks other than water or coffee, no laughing myself silly, no talking for hours, or not talking for hours, and still having hours of stuff to not talk about. It was such a good weekend.

Mary KG said...

Regina, here we come.... sounds FANTASTIC Denise. Are you SURE you're ready for us? Regina is only a stones-throw from Austin! Hey! we could have a pre-party at my house since it's half-way there! Come on over!