Monday, November 29, 2010

Grump Busters

Turning the place into a holiday appetizer.
Pulling out photos from across the years at Christmas time and setting them up in little vignettes of pleasure here and there throughout the chaos that is home.

Hanging up the snowflake that Micah made at Rose's preschool so many years ago. It still looks great.
Walking past the christmas tree lot.

Getting to a magical day without too much; wind, cold, or babies.
Witnessing the wonders of spontaneous sidewalk snow angel making.

Vintage glass ornaments in a vintage metal dish rack. I'm sorry, but there's no way you can convince me that there is anything prettiet than an old tree ornament.
Except maybe the five golden fireking Egg Nog mugs that I found at the thrift shop last year. I seriously almost stopped breathing. and then you know what??? It was half price day.
So I got them: two/ 25 cents.

Framing the memories from across the years.
Finding time for creativity when logic insists that there is no time. But guess what. If you wash the floor forty times, it's still dirty after the 39th time. so, I just saved myself a few washings in that mix, and I found myself much cheerier.

Making hair clips and "found object" magnets, and then affixing family pics from across the years on a vintage, wall-mounted tray.
Digging the USB turntable out of the garage, and finding a heap of Christmas lp's to go along with it.

What's Christmas without Kenny and Dolly?
What's life without Barbie Allen to lead the way?
And what's that on your leg?
Well, that's just the summation of turning "bored" to "happy".
And I'll share the secret formula with you: Take a plain Joe skirt. Play "arts and crafts" with some vintage scraps and a bit of cording. Create a leafy little sumpin-sumpin right there on your clothes- go ahead! You're old enough to deface your clothing and your mom can't even give you the silent treatment!
In fact, she'll probably wish she were more like you.
A little more happy, a little less bored.


Karla said...

Kenny and Dolly - one of my all time favorites.... The songs "Christmas to Remember" and "I'll be home with Bells on" are two of my favorites!

Evie's Christmas?? Come ON! "Come on Ring Those Bells", Baby! Total and complete nostalgia right there. Whatever happened to Evie, anyway?

Your skirt is unbelievable and I WANT one of your adorned bobby pins. Save me one, will ya, Joycie? I'm comming home with Bells on!

Roo said...

i made button bobby pins just like the ones you did!!!! except....i'm having trouble getting them to stay....the buttons keep falling off even though i used super duper heavy duty strength glue.

mmichele said...


joyce said...

Evie made the world a kinder place when I was a tween.
Turns out that thanks to thrift shops, she's still trilling "Come on, Ring those Bells".

I've got bing crosby too. And Heintja.

roo- But did you use gorilla glue? It expands, and hardens, and I think sticks pretty much anything together.

michelle- thanks?

Anonymous said...

Was the J0lly Santa in that frame when i was there for lunch today?! LOVE it. And you. Kathy

christine said...

nothing says "christmas" at a neufeld gatherings than the resurection of Heintja albums.
love your decor. its lovely.

Mary KG said...

I spy a ... hiebert clock! Beautifully said and beautifully beautiful the way everything is put together. schwester

joyce said...

did you notice the hiebert metal dishrack that houses the ornaments?

Roo said...

i did not use gorilla glue. must get some of that stuff.

Anonymous said...

I love your stuff Joyce :)L-lew