Sunday, May 13, 2012

Mother's Day


I like having a nine year old boy around the house.

Really, really like.


I also love having a thirteen year old boy.

Really quite a lot.




Anonymous said...

Does it say "you taught me how to live", or "how to lie"? Either way, it's adorable.

janice said...

Wow. Adorable is right.

You did not mention the teenage girls. I have one of those, too.

I got a 'Happy Mother's Day' text. And, she agreed to let me teach her how to change a tire. So, we got her snow tires off, now she knows what to do if she gets a flat, and we bonded over rubber and lug nuts, in the alley, on a beautiful sunny day.

joyce said...

Bah ha, how to LIVE. I have a severe allergy to lying, so I never taught them that.

Janice, my 16 year old daughter painted a lovely bird for me, and my almost 18 year old wrote me such a beautiful card that I wept. I didn't record it here, thinking that it would offend her more private self.

I was truly honored. I quite like your mother day tale as well.

Brenda said...

Ooh, I miss those wonderful childhood years where I was the "BEST MOM THEY EVER HAD!" The years where they'd managed to totally overlook all of the big things I'd done but remembered the time that I didn't get mad. I even kinda miss those pubescent years where they wrote the "blah blah" notes out of awkward necessity on dad's suggestion. Hang onto these love notes, honey. Some day they will make for excellent blackmail!