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Sunday, June 03, 2012

I Gave The Cat Imodium

She'd been sick for three days, dripping brown beneath her tail. Leaving more laundry, more worry, more suspicious spots on the floor. I'd meanwhile washed things I'd not gotten to for years- spontaneously washing a bathroom wall right after a stolen moment to pee; taking down the rust- stained shower curtain and baptizing it repeatedly in toxic noxious cleaner to hide the evidence of showering under a rusty stream of Manitoba gumbo well water. I'd ordered the girls to wash the windows, we'd scrubbed some chairs, counters, cupboards. I stared repeatedly and worriedly at the deck which stubbornly continued to deteriorate before my frantic eyes.

I meant to get to the bedrooms.

But there were groceries to buy, lawns to mow, furniture to rearrange, quack grass to pluck. Tomatoes to plant, perrennials to prune, hedges to trim. Coleslaw to mix, pop to chill, meat to cook.

A drink to mix.

Brian's family was coming for the day.

And then they came, and they were here, and they were lovely. I kicked myself under the tables arranged around the yard as we sat in the sunshine sharing our lives and pork on a bun. There was bocce ball, trampolining, and kittens to chase. Hot coffee, cinnamon buns, chocolate cake. Talking, laughing, relaxing, letting go.

Was I judgemental, thereby expecting to be judged? If so, I had brought this anxiety upon myself.

And was so delighted to find myself wrong.


Brenda said...

Wow, that cat must have been sick! I've had to clean up after children or creatures with bowel control issues too...but never walls, windows, shower curtains and cupboards. That's just disgusting! :)
Your backyard is the blue retro chairs and painted-to- match table!

Karla said...

I'm really glad you're wrong sometimes. Not often, though. But it's good to be wrong when it counts.

joyce said...

The chairs: my latest acquisition. I am pleased! (thanks, friend Rose for insisting that I buy those, you were so right).

Poor kitty. I seem to have fixed her up though. There were no embarrassing puddles on the floor for the big family event, thank you, google for the Imodium idea!

The house now looks normal again. By normal, I mean that it looks like the living room threw up fabric and half folded piles of laundry. Ah, this good to live a full life with never enough time for mundane chores.

janice said...

I have two tiny chairs like that, with a matching table - I am saving them for grandchildren - hope it is at least 5 or 10 years before that happens!

I also love those chairs. Yours and mine.

Poor kitty - hope you fixed her. You can fix a dog's runny tummy with white rice, but don't know about a cat.

I am always nervous about guests, even if they are family. Looks like you had fun.

Anonymous said...

You inspire me. Maybe someday I will host my family. And have a good time.

Mary KG said...

Joyce you really have a way of doing things and saying things that inspire.