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Friday, October 12, 2012

A Little of What I Learned This Week

  • I actually CAN be friends with people who like Zumba and running.
  • Fighting a flu while in the child care industry is a seriously flawed idea.
  • I can no longer motivate myself to move faster on the night before a sale by trying to make myself afraid. I've simply stopped listening.
  • Old dogs CAN learn new tricks. (the dog has begun a new practice of dashing up the stairs to sleep on Sam's bed. This is new, and the dog is not.)
  • My dad once nearly drowned in the Red River.
  • People are kind, and generous. (okay, so I didn't learn this for the first time this week, but I learned it again. Today, I was gifted a dress form! Something on my wish list!)
There's other stuff I learned this week, but I can't remember it because my brain sucks.

What about you- learn anything you dare to share?


Anonymous said...

This week I learned things from high school students:
-it's almost impossible to get off welfare
-when kids talk about "blazing" they are talking about smoking pot
-"breaching" means you broke your parole rules

It makes my students sound bleak, but they are a really lovely bunch-it's just their reality


Brenda said...

I learned that family traditions are sometimes adhered to with religious fervor by only one person and when a change-up is suggested (with trepidation) the response is positively unexpected.

I learned that I can survive on much less than I once thought I could.

I AM learning again the angst and struggles that go along with being a 16-going-on-17 year old female.

Michelle said...

I learned not too long ago (much to my surprise!) that my mom doesn't really like chicken breast. She always ate it so that we could enjoy the dark meat. I'm too old to just be learning this now!!! But better late than never.
Love you, Joyce!!

janice said...

I learned that there is a warm fuzzy comfort in talking to Mennonites that supercedes the Mennonastiness I experienced as a child. (I phoned the MCC to get a couch pickup and the lady was a DARLING and I did not have to spell my last name and she did not ask if I was related to Jonathon.)

I learned my VERY independant daughter still needs to call for advice sometimes, even when she does not need money. :)

I learned Polly-strip will take off 30 year old linoleum and the glue, but it still takes a lot of scraping.

I learned an 8 pound dog can move an 8 pound block, get under the fence, and it hurts, when you chase her around the block barefoot.

(I am into Zumba and running - so glad of your first point).

Anonymous said...

while on a weekend visit to a brother-in-law's, I learned that:

-my oldest brother in law (OBIL) threw a javelin and it stuck in his younger brother's chin (when they were kids!)
-my OBIL is a great cook (treated us to many delights including pumpkin curry soup - YUM!)
-my OBIL appears to be getting along ok after his wife passed away last winter, but he is really so lonely.
-it isn't fun sharing a double bed for 2 nights when you're used to a queen bed!
-lastly, I found out that we really need to stay more in touch with our families!!!

The Naked Chef

Wendy said...

Yesterday, I learned that if a muffin recipe calls for a whole tablespoon of baking powder then it's not up to me to decide that's JUST TOO MUCH and therefore must be a printing error. We are now enjoying eating blueberry rocks.

How lovely that you have been given a dress form! It's also on my wish list - right at the top - so I completely get your joy. What an uber- marvellous gift! :)

Mary KG said...

I learned that I'm still learning and that sometimes I'll NEVER "get it".
I also learned that being a perfectionist is a pain in the neck.
And that too many nights of not sleeping doesn't make one overly pleasant to hang out with.
The best one I learned is one I heard at the Robin Mark concert -- a reminder-- "there is NO CONDEMNATION to those who are in Christ Jesus". So I guess that makes me ok.
...and that's my rant for now.