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Monday, September 15, 2014

Harvest Moon Festival

I love choosing a mountain of wooly sock and sweater goodness in anticipation of the Harvest Moon Festival.

We will be chasing the chill all weekend in our long underwear.

In perfectly toasty footwear.

I love setting up in the Southwind. Brian and I get the mirror room in the back, but the drive down is always spent snuggled up in Hank and Marie's nest behind the drivers seat.

I love tucking all my chins into my friend's shoulder for the celebratory road trip up to Clearwater. It'll be the last time in a while that we will see any of our skin bare.

Our bed is spread with munchie snacks and tastey sips. Occasionally we make the "honk, honk!" semi truck arm salute to the men miles ahead of us behind the steering wheel.

It's always wise to pack the spare key.

We are headed towards spontaneous dance parties.

and toasty campfires.

High end 6 Star sleeping accomodations.

My precious daughters are there, cuddled up under quilts and toques, waiting for Royal Canoe, enjoying the sights and sounds, and piling up like kittens in their tents at night to try and stay warm.
Sometimes bands gather up around us, and we are swept up in song.

The water drum and costco granola drums never sounded so good.

Even the dogs are compelled to sing.

People think we're telling big, bold lies when we talk about how much fun we had camping in four degrees. But we weren't defying premature winter so much as we were celebrating life, all bundled in socks, and moccs and curling into one another.

On this harvest moon.




Karla said...

Sounds so perfectly heavenly...

Roo said...


Unknown said...

The winter bite of a September wind holds no lasting chill when you're warmed by amazing friends, beautiful hippies, samosas & chic pea curry, fireside jam sessions and simple living close to the land (and an assortment of port-o-potties). I don't remember when I've had so much fun! Please...let's do this again next year.

joyce said...

I always look forward to next year even while I'm still in Clearwater. I expect we will have to buy our tickets earlier and earlier. I was so gifted by friendship and samosas, big fires, family, and bathroom hilarity.

Not that I minded the hot shower at the end of three days living as a voyageur!

Next year- Medieval fest and Harvest Moon. For sure.

Judy said...

You are a brave soul.

janice said...

Looks like a lot of fun was had. Can I come next year?

joyce said...

Brave, shmave. 'Twas glorious.
Janice- you're in.

The Wiebe's said...

I dreamed of going this year however I was a bit busy with a new baby. However my daughter in law and I are already making plans:)