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Wednesday, November 19, 2014

Oh, The Blog Posts I Haven't Written

In Rattatouille, there's a scene where chef Rat tries to teach his more ratty brother how to put flavours together in more imaginative ways.

Then ever so briefly, the brother hears an visualizes a sort of flavour symphony forming in the air above hime until suddenly and abruptly-- POOF! its gone again.

Such is the tale of Joyce and her blog posts. The word symphonies begin, there are lovely little swirls and flashes and inspirational sort of background music. My fingers start to tingle, and I yearn for a few minutes to find my keyboard so I can let it all pour out of me. Until- Poof! Nope. It's gone again.

And that's why I haven't quite written about

How I Don't Even Know Who I Am Anymore: My Tiny Midlife Crisis, and

Watching My Dad Disappear, and

How I Re-Found My Sewing Machine, and

Life: How Lifelong Relationships Vaporize, and

Brunch With Karla, and

Raising Boys, and

My Body, The Ongoing Story, and

How I Made Peace With My Bread Machine, and

The Last Supper: Giving Up My Position on the Thrift Shop Board.

So maybe I actually don't even know why I am any more. Sure, I'd love to write about it, but it remains to be seen whether any swirly bits of inspiration will stick around long enough for finger to find keyboard. One can only hope.



Karla said...

Well, I for one would love to read all of those.... "Brunch With Karla" sounds particularly riveting! I heart you, Joycie.

janice said...

I actually have a whole blog, in my head. It is a combination of going back to my travelling days, scanning in photos, telling stories.

And then some current content.

However, you have never seen it, and neither has anyone else.

Whatever you write, I enjoy.

Judy said...

Do write them. Please.

I have a head full of blog posts too.

But when I bleed all over the keyboard, I fear who will read it.

Or, my mind goes blank.

Usually, that one.

Unknown said...

You are unable to write about it because you live it and are consumed by it. You are an amazing creative individual. What you feel to be mundane muddled comments are incredibly insightful and a joy to read.

Unknown said...

I don't usually blog, so the previous comment did not list my name. Denise