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Saturday, May 16, 2020

We Are NOT Amused

You mean- home reading wasn't meant to be an optional, biannual event?


Anonymous said...

Nice to see that there is another slacker like me.

Anonymous said...

2 books each day.....yikes! MK

gophercheeks said...

It must be teacher 'crack the whip' week or something. I am 2/2 on getting notes home this week. And I rarely get notes. Let's just say there has been a few talks about the roles and responsibilities of a seven year old in second grade. Can't wait to see what kind of note I get today!!!

Good luck with finding another hour in your day to read.... do they still make read-along cassette and book sets.... and does that count?

Heather Plett said...

Don'tcha just feel like you've been told to go sit in the corner 'til you're ready to cooperate and be a GOOD parent?

Ha - bad parents unite! I'm in that corner with you, sticking our tongues out at the teacher.

Anonymous said...

there is something really wrong with an education system that puts incredible pressure on wee folks to read generally boring non literary works as duty instead on entralling them with the magic of fine literature. The same system allows for grade 12 students to have accumulated the minimum number of credits well ahead of their graduation date so as to make the last year of high school a "year off", with just a credit or two to add to their requirements - that in turn gives them lots of time to sleep in, "hang with their homies" and play Xbox or whatever other mindless technology is current. Screww those home reading programs - instead send home a classic to be read to the kid - so that there is knowledge of the option to read, not just watch movies.

That is my rant for the day!!!!

Leanne said...

Let's talk about grammar for a moment, just for fun. "I will be sending home 2 books each day" OR "I will be sending 2 books home each day"



Karla said...

BAD Joyce.... BAD Brian....

I laughed my ass off at your expense!

Before i had kids, when I was a grade one teacher, I couldn't believe the audacity of parents to not send library books back on time, to not do home-reading every night, and to not do a lot of other things. "Don't these people take their children's education seriously?" I would mutter in judgement.

Then I had kids.

Anonymous said...

Ok, so I'll be an "ass" and stick up for the teacher, or should I say for Sam? My notes home were not always grammatically correct, either...teachers aren't perfect, but they do have a job to do. AND I'm not defensive!! (I did cringe a little for both the parent and the teacher...) For what it's worth, Schwester Mary

Anonymous said...

I am surrounded by sisters who teach. I just haven't shared with them the honesty of not getting it together and completed MY assignment. I thought I graduated awhile back...pfffft! Did I mess up the grammer? Maybe the spelling? Should it be grammar? AGGHH!

joyce said...

What a treat to come home to all this! Bad Parent! BAD!

Yes, I've been very bad. But I think in all fairness, there ought to be a full disclosure on my grades for all the other subject areas.
1. A+ in school lunches. I've never gone a month or two forgetting to send him a lunch. That's got to count for something.
2. A+ in Attire. i have never spent a month or longer forgetting to clothe the child. Never has he walked to school naked. Not even once.
3. E+ for hygiene. (E = Effort)
nuf said.

Leanne- that was a keen observation, very keeeeeen. Laugh Out Loud Keen. And Mary, Mary. What shall I say....
hm..... Awkward..Stick up for sam. humph, I say.

VB- ah... the shame. The Shame! We Must Be Better Parental Project Supervisors! FFFF! No, this is not our children's oppurtunity at a decent education. It is our oppurtunity to redeem ourselves through our children! And We FAIL.

(I don't mean a word of this. Go tell your sisters to loosen their book belts, kick off their girdles, and play a little XBox while they laze around eating non nutritious snacks. That'll show them.)

Anonymous said... funny.....L-lew

jenn said...

Oh, so funny!