Wednesday, July 12, 2006


The human body- so intricate, functional, miraculous; really. Capable of moving, lifting, breathing, weilding strength, growing soft. Can these miracles be carried out in bodies outside of the BMI charts, in bodies missing limbs, or in bodies that popular culture would deem repulsive? Do acts of love and selflessness come in size 00 to size 3, but lose their value in dimpley cellulite or bulging rolls of fat?

Neither hangers, nor mannequins, these bodies are capable of tremendous good-- a calling much higher than what we've been duped to believe. Periodical navel gazing and critical evaluations of our physical selves will likely plague us here below, but lets agree not to be defined by it. Would we spend motionless hours in our cars and vans bemoaning the lack of leather, the loss of "new car" smell, or the tiny specks of exterior rust? How ridiculous it would seem to spend life in the driveway, wishing that there was something prettier to drive us to our destinations!

Let's slide into the end of our lives, battered, rusted, dented, and grinning ear to ear. In the words of Erma Bombeck: When I stand before God at the end of my life, I would hope that I would not have a single bit of talent left, and could say ‘I used everything you gave me.’ (thanks, Ruth!)


Roo said...

ahhh...i love this post. as a sweet lady named maria once said, "it's better to WEAR OUT then RUST OUT" :)

...speaking of which (and before this happens to me) i better get my behind off the couch and clean my house.

love ya!

Cinder said...

"Neither hangers, nor mannequins, these bodies are capable of tremendous good-- a calling much higher than what we've been duped to believe"

great post...there are those days where i lose sight of that calling and find myself plagued with those critical evalutations...i needed to read this today!

Christine said...

Awesome post, Joyce. I have my days like everyone, but I think I've learned so much from my parents. My father is crippled and my mother has brain damage but they carry on with what God has given them. When people stare at my father in sympathy, I think if only they knew him they would admire his strength and will.

Bobita said...


About the post, and about the picture!

Simply, wow!

Romeo Morningwood said...

Great post, cool ending. I guess that if I were standing before my Maker I would probably say,

" cough..Well you see I wasn't sure if there, I mean if you really..OK..well I didn't actually say that you did not exist that's gotta be worth so what is the deal with black holes anyway?
(In response I imagine a sort of shaking of the head followed by lengthy blank stare that seems to last for an eternity)

Cherrypie said...

I agree with that philosophy totally. Fab post x

lettuce said...

I've not visited for a while, just catching up - I loved this and the last few posts. You are great.

I'm so very sorry about your brother - and glad you have a wonderful family - I know it doesn't make it easier, in some ways, but it does help so much.