Sunday, November 29, 2009

I LOVE this job!

Brian went out to the store last night to buy some fancy frozen pizza for our gourmet Saturday evening family dinner. When he came back; nutrients in hand- look what he found sitting on our rotting deck! A wonderful buffet of upholstery samples for my insatiable palette. "A" is for "angel" is all I can say.I wondered who my upholstery angel was, so I sniffed around for clues. Oddly enough; just two days ago I had walked past Wiens Furniture and noticed their rows of fabric samples. I wondered why they did with them after they expired?
Pizza? What pizza. I got straight to work disengaging these goodies from their paper hangers.
And landed up with a delicious looking stack of inspiration. While I've got your attention; Laz-E-Boy; I wonder if I may be so bold as to make a suggestion or two? If we're going to pursue this partnership, I would really appreciate it if you continued on with this method of stitching fabric onto paper instead of the inferior notion of using super glue?

So inconvenient; these stuck-together bits.
This on the other hand;
So perfect.
Slick like butter.
Thank you, A. I had so much fun.
(and I will have so much fun).


christine said...

how exciting!!

Judy said...

Oh, wow.

Do save a few for doll house rugs.

Anonymous said...

Oohhhh! Glorious fabric!

Crystal said...

i have a sneaking suspicion i know who A is...