Tuesday, November 03, 2009

Ugly Sweater Party 2009!!

I'd like to do a proper post, and promise on my acrylics that I will. However, it is pertinent that you all know that Saturday, November 14 is LADY'S NIGHT!!

Time to get working on your ensembles.
Remember, here's all you need: An ugly sweater. On your body. (which can; but is not required to be; ugly)
An appetizer to share.
A liquid treat to share.

It all began back in November, 2006. That first innocent Ugly Sweater Party when I thought I was being original. pshaw.

Then I was made aware of how old this idea was. But I moved forward in my itchy polyester, and planned the second annual. Oh, it went to my head all right. All that delicious media!
We even allowed the men to join us- couldn't very well hoard that paparazzi now, could we?

Year three found us back with our girlfriends- and wow! there was some ugly stuff going on.

Which brings us to... well... Year Four.
Only you know how this year is going to go down!

There are no excuses- if you were here in year one, or two, or three... well, I'm going to assume that you're coming again. And if you were not? Well, that's totally unacceptable. You'll have to come this year.

Just leave your men at home, will ya?
It's hard to really let loose and start trading sweaters with all those sweaty men around.


Anonymous said...

I'll be there in spirit, Aunty Joyce.
One day (if the continents split and Saskatchewan disappears in a resulting continental compression), I may even be there in body, too.

Analise said...

Gosh this blog-ing thing is complicated.
The last message was from me. :)

Anonymous said...

Yes, I'll BE there, oh yes, I will. Do you have an ugly one for me? Kathy

jenn said...

I plan on coming!

PamJ said...

sounds like fun :)

Anonymous said...

I actually have TWO ugly sweaters!!!! OHHHHHHHH which one will I wear????

Anonymous said...

Oh yes, I'm like Analise -- forgot my name. Schwester mary

joyce said...

Analise- such a small detail keeping you away? I'll get my people on it.

Kathy- you do that quite well on your own. Or, ask Mel if you could borrow his outfit?

Jenn- yay! bring your female friends!

Mary- sometimes I change at half time. And there's always the garage... filled with all those petro canada glasses that we still have to smash...

Karla said...

Maybe you should change it up a little - keep it fresh - and have an "Ugly Panties Party".

Janice said...

EUWWWW - ugly panties party - I have some I could wear, but would NOT, unless covered by ugly or otherwise clothing.

I love the idea of Saskatchewan falling into the continental compression - then the Riders would be gone, right?

I have some great ugly sweaters - If I take a photo, and email it, it might be like being there right? Ok, wrong. :(