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Saturday, November 25, 2006

May Ugliness Abound Forevermore.

I don't even know what to say...

Take a risk on being yourself. Truly. Take a risk on embracing others. At a party such as this, the only thing you could bother to feel insecure about is that the equestrian one and gorgeous pro-creating one may EASILY have acquired sweaters of such ugly proportions that yours looked nearly soothing to the eye in comparison. And who knew that shoulder pads could double as breast implants? And without the risks associated with leaking silicone? There may have been a be-jewelled guest with a natural cleavage so enviable that no amount of doubling shoulder pads could begin to compare.... But we all must have our own areas of gifted-ness and not live in envy of others.

Its true that food and wine can have a ministerial effect on people who ordinarily hold nothing but disdain for one another. The over-educated mingled freely with the Bible school drop-out. The over-heated elderly, the muffin moms, the minister's wives, the "fallen-off" Chortitzers, the runners, the vertically striped, the sleepless meat canners, the buttoned, the cat's eyes, the unsuspecting non-bloggers-- they all revelled under the umbrella of grace, satire, and community.
But is the extension of grace cheapened when no one loves recklessly enough to gently but firmly suggest to one of its own... that vertical stripes, although slimming, can not possibly cover such a multitude of distending sins?

** post to follow regarding a subset of "stamp 'n up"-- A greeting card brainchild that's sure to become the next home party rage. Please stay tuned.


Anonymous said...

...and I'm still laughing hysterically over last nights comments, discussions and PRETTY UGLY sweaters.
BEST PARTY EVER!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

BTW...I still wish I had sisters...except for that cheese ball incident, of which we will speak of no longer.

Roo said...

aww, may the 80's live forever.

it's a gong show... said...

I had such a BLAST!! I am so looking forward to the Spring Bridal Show!! My mother is so envious she wasn't there.


MissKris said...

Alas, I wish I'd heard of this before the fact. I have a perfectly AWFUL sweater I'm sure would've won first prize, lol! Since grand poopies and grandson have entered my life, this poor sweater has been the recipient of more upchuck and who-knows-what than I can recall. Sounds like you ladies had the time of your life...great fun!

Heather said...

Looks like I missed a good time. Sigh.

"Spring Bridal Show?" she says, ears perking up because she KNOWS she's got a good contender for the ugliest bridesmaid dress! If only it still FIT!

Anonymous said...

Had a blast Joyce You created an amazing atmosphere. I can't wait for the spring bridal show, and schmidt better bring the cheese ball...wink wink

Anonymous said...

Oh. Oh. Oh.

It all looks like such fun.

Could someone please identify for me who everybody is?

Judy - Anybody Home

Carlotti said...

The cheese ball incident, isn't it just a bit TOO much when wine gets spilled on a really GREAT cheeseball?!

Twas great fun - some of us were perhaps a little less inhibited than others.......

Homo Escapeons said...

Hope you remember this song originally done by The Boo Radleys and featured in Mike Myer's 'So I Married An Axe Murderer' and later released by Sixpence None The Richer...
I dedicate this to my darling goodladywife ALICE...

uh hem..

There she goes
There she goes again
Commenting to Joyce
And I just can't contain
This feeling that remains

There she goes
commenting again
I wish she'd do the same,
on Homo Escap-ee-ains
No one else can heal my pain
And I just need to complai-ee-ain
this better not happen agai-ee-ain!

All kidding aside Alice is now more excited about the Spring event than Christmas and New Years combined...WAY TO GO JOYCE!

esther said...

i know i was just a tad...ahem...late, but none the less, i had a great time. thanks joyce, for making me feel so welcome!!

Anonymous said...

Yes, it was The Party of the season! It was so great to meet all of you, even the non-bloggy readers.
I'm keeping my eyes peeled for the Bridal Tea hat already. I can't wait!!! No cheese balls please Ms.Schmidt (and yes, my dh knows your dh). It was yummy but that wasn't the problem!

Anonymous said...

Ali, does he/HE flirt with you half this much when you are in the same room with him? Oh, nevermind- I don't need to know.

Anonymous said...

Oh! Blow the flipping Atlantic and it's bothersomeness!

Bonnie said...

Sorry I didn't make it to your party, would have loved to be there, but no place for the kids to stay and no UGLY SWEATER. Maybe next time Have a great day!

Joyce said...

Hi Bonnie-- which one are you? My neighbor? my grade school friend? my kid's coach? my workmate?

shelley said...

the cheese ball will show its ugly, yummy,hot, wine dipped head this spring
once again. Eddi, the wine spill is long forgotten, the cheese ball is still tasting good!! My gut is rotting from it , since there is no one else in my household that enjoys it so. please come and help me finish this thing once and for all. I had a great time, next time i will be taking my own vehicle, so i can stay and linger longer.