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Sunday, November 19, 2006


I'm proud of my kids: It's miraculous to watch their individual skills and peculiarities emerge, to be an observer of where their God-given talents and desires will lead them to. Arianna's team didn't come in anywhere near the top at her volleyball tournament this weekend, but what pleased me knowing that she has the confidence to join a team, learn new skills, put herself on the line. I tried to explain that to her, how even if she messes up, in my eyes she is a champion, she is learning what it means to be a team member,and how to handle herself if she or one of her mates messes up and disappoints the others.

I 'm glad Arianna got muscles that connect to the brain from the gene pool of her coordinated Hildebrand side.

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jude said...

this almost made me cry because i think back to when i was a kid... i thought i was the biggest failure when it came to sports... well, that was at least what most other children would tell me. and i came to believe those lies. then i met my husband (someone who was extremely popular in school and VERY coordinated) and he told me that i could've been very athletic had i just not accepted those lies, lies that defeated me. it's my hope that somehow, in some way, we'll bring our children up so that they can have confidence in themselves and KNOW that they are never a failure as long as they try, or as you said, "put themselves on the line."
you are a wise one, joyce.