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Tuesday, November 28, 2006

Random, No, Really.

"Last night I had the strangest dream"-- I'm sure some of you will remember that song from the 80's. Especially some of you, who enjoy your 80's songs more than others. No. Really.

Anyway, last night was one of those nights. (did I forget my meds? Did I eat spicey food before lying down? Has my "emotion river" spilled its banks? )

Good thing I entitled this thing "Random".

First Micah said he "didn't know why", but he'd like me to lie down with him. Fortunately, I was fully present in that moment, and saw the beauty in an eight year old boy wanting a cuddle with his old mama, so I obliged. I was just drifting off when Jane came along and told me she was struggling with a bad memory and would like me to pray with her. I roused myself slightly, (didn't have to open my eyes, since we were praying, after all), and offered up this prayer:

Dear Lord
"Thank you that you love us. Please fill our home with your peace.
(here's where the whole keeping-the-eyes-closed thing gets a little questionable)
Thank you for cleaning your room.
Thank you for the calendar...."

My eyes flew open. Jane looked considerably more afraid.

"Did I just say; "thank you for the calendar" ?!
I'm sleep-talking to GOD!?!

Jane: "Mom, I'm scared. Can you come lie down with me?"

Can't blame the poor thing. So, I migrated over to her nest.

As if that wasn't enough weirdness...... I then proceeded to dream that Arianna's room was so badly neglected, that I discovered hay bales and litters upon litters of kittens living underneath her bed. I knew in my heart that the only moral thing to do was to liquidate them. Euthenize them. Yes, I'm talking genocide. And I felt incapable.

Perhaps it was time for another prayer?!

So, I'll conclude with something completely unrelated and random.
Something that has absolutely NOTHING to do with dreams, or prayers, or murder.
Its related only because its the first thing that's made me throw my head back and laugh out loud in a few days now. And I think we could all use a little of that.
It's thanks to Alice.
Finally. Affordable cosmetic surgery.


Anonymous said...

LOL (really)! If only it were so easy.

Anonymous said...

hee hee hee I love it! I had crazy dreams too though can't remember much ...probably a good thing

Carlotti said...

Love the sleeptalking image - yikes! While you were dreaming of cats and haybales, I was packing to leave Kuwait (again.) I'd really like someone to explain THAT one to me. (Yes, I know your blog is supposed to be all about you, but it just gets my brain going on my OWN dysfunctions!)

LDahl said...

at least you were polite to God and properly grateful. heheh!
A clean enviroment and time...I think those were good choices to be grateful for, so no harm done.
Now about the kittens........

Secret word(lipirly)lipirly-split?

Anonymous said...

i dreamt last night that someone came into our house and shot our walls with "house melting" stuff. we had 24 hours to get out after that our house would completely melt.

good think i didn't eat anything spicy. :)

Anonymous said...

I will never look at those disposable paper cups in the same way again!

jude said...

i tried leaving a comment earlier, but i think it got lost somewhere in cyberland... but alas.
anyways, i was saying that it looks like that old lady is about to hurt someone with those!!... with that sadistic grin and all... =)
and about the sleep-prayer thing, not to worry!! matthew does that to me every now and then as well. it kind of weirds me out.

lettuce said...

hahaha - made me laugh too.

Rather Jean-Paul Gaultier actually!