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Wednesday, November 08, 2006

Why I Feel Very Old

Monday it was the kitty litter. Distributed ALL OVER THE BASEMENT by enthusiastic toddler hands while I was distracted doing a puzzle with some calm, quiet little girls.

Tuesday had the same basic theme, but this time with colour. Light bright pegs. All. Over. The. Basement. I had to simply take a deep breath, give the lecture, calmly, then walk away from the scene of the crime.

Today, while I was foolishly welcoming in a few more toddlers, my precious son got his hands on a coke bottle (I will have to torture and maim one of my older offspring for leaving it out, and within daycare reach....) and managed to smash it. ON THE BASEMENT FLOOR.

Does the basement hate me? As much as blogger does? (refuses to publish things I've spent way too much time on..... grrrrrr ) Have I been beaten by a few small humans? Do I need a vacation? Should I pour cement down the stairs, encasing all the toys, and never return there again?

The house may look pretty and serene in pictures. But that's not the way it feels in the RW today. MY BACK HURTS! I forgot my friends birthday is today. I always forget. Why do people not forget mine, then make me feel like I'm as big a bonehead as I suspected? I don't feel like sweeping up glass, or kitty litter, or brightly coloured pegs, or wet macaroni.

(Aren't old people allowed to cry and whine without discretion?)


Anonymous said...

I have a little tip for you.
Krazy Glue.
That's right, buy it in bulk.
Let your house look playful and fun but actually glue EVERYTHING down so it can't be messed with. It'll take the toddlers a good week to figure out what is going on and it just might be worth it.
I feel for you,

Michele said...

i take care of one little toddler one morning a week. it is amazing to me how quickly he can trash the house. blows my mind. really, it's an art form, perfected. every time he opens a new cupboard, he surveys the field to work his will where he may.

good thing i don't have a cat.

Carlotti said...

Rubbermaid bins. Every toy neatly filed away in bins. The children can sign out one bin at a time, and not be allowed to play with anything from another bin until the first bin is cleaned up and put away. There ARE ways to CONTROL children!

If I were a mother, I'd much prefer to have my kids at your house where the odd Coke bottle and supply of kitty litter is within reach.

My sympathies......

LDahl said...

three words.....plastic snow shovel.
Yep, I know, but trust me... it works... think of it as your Daycare Wonder Weapon. It scoops toys, it scoops mess ..kiddies think it's a hoot and it doesn't harm flooring and it cuts the pick-up time down to minutes. It will leave you saner to deal with the glass messes that really do need extreme provider care.
Don't tell the mommies:)

shelley said...

close the door and live in denial!

Anonymous said...

I've mopped my kitchen floor everyday this week sweet number two likes to dump everything on the floor. I put it back on her plate over and over again...I wonder how much hair and dirt she ingests?

Trying to think of my most recent ugh - ah sweet number two loves dirt...been removing the 'dirt' from the dogs area to a sunflower bed (we don't eat sunflowers and they should like it and grow tall)...Somebody played in that dirt the night we played in the dark...shudders...

Anonymous said...

Any one of those messes would be enough to send me over the edge. My house can look like that too and I have no toddlers. I have no excuse.

Ruth said...

i never used to forget a birthday.
and then i got pregnant. now, i forget birthdays, frequently leave my keys hanging from my open mail box, lock myself and baby out of our house....and the list goes on.

i feel old too. :)

Homo Escapeons said...

Smashing Coke bottles and literally LITTERING?! Just what kind of establishment is this anyway.

Are you implying that that little (%$#@*&) boys develop at a different pace than cute,little, perfect girls. You are preachin' to the choir sista!