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Tuesday, November 07, 2006

Don't miss this...

Check out these great posts through my links. I'm too lazy to do hyperlink for you, besides, do you have a piano tied to your ass, or what?

"colouring outside the lines" -- check out the u-tube about those annoying smiley faces people like to attach to their e-mails.

"abc from xyz" -- this kid is HOT. She has been posting more often than usual, and has a terrific photo of cousins in awesome dresses, and a great post to go with it. I'm the adorable piggy tailed little one in red velvet. (okay, so its really about me.......)

Well, go on then, go on, read it. What are you waiting for?


Brian the Mennonite said...

I did the hyperlinks for you from work.
I hope you don't mind. :)
Yes, that IS a smiley face.

Carlotti said...

You are so funny, and yes, it IS all about you!

:) LOL

I loved that smiley face post too...

Here's hoping I don't end up with a zillion cats when I'm 89. I'll just give them to you though, so no worries......

Anonymous said...

The PSA announcement on Andrea's post was worth the visit. I really did LOL so I can actually type that.

Anonymous said...

I just cannot quit with the exclamation points.

I try to.

But, I just cannot.

Except in this comment.

I'm not gonna use any.

I sound angry.

I'm not.

You were an extremely adorable little girl.

Ruth said...

little joyce.
little pumpkin.

esther said...

so that's YOU picking your nose?!?!
i'm not sure...but i'm sure i've read it somewhere on your blog how much you LOVE when your kiddlies dig for gold...i AM chuckling...not LOL.

Rosster said...