Tuesday, April 13, 2010

How Not To Be a Board Member

While dignitaries and the Mennonite equivalents of Pope and High Priest solemnly discuss plans for a summer volunteer appreciation barbeque, the question of providing entertainment might be raised.

It is ill advised to blast forth;
"Karaoke would be fun!"


Anonymous said...

HA HA HA!!! ;D

The Naked Chef

Anonymous said...

That is good! Are the girls back? Did they have a great/awesome time? MK

Lisa said...

Just out of curiosity........was this board meeting last night? And was there possibly a certain gentleman there that might be realted to me? And could you please tell me his reaction to your suggestion?!?!??!
I'm just asking!

Karla said...

Laughing my ass off - then on - then off again.

joyce said...

yeah... my giftings might be best suited safely behind the sewing machine? Or keyboard?

MK- girlies are back. I feel whole again. I heard a fair bit about Italian men being VERY FORTHRIGHT, another fair piece about the shopping in Europe. (history? what history? What's NEW? and ON SALE?) And a lot about really good food. But apparently my brocolli soup is better than theirs. I rest secure.

Lisa- to be fair, I couldn't see all the faces. Nor could I read any minds. Mostly I saw a sort of baffled confusion. And probably a whole lot of people wondering who nominated me to the board?

Karla- try to get a decent sized ass on you before you laugh yourself into oblivion. I'll gladly share with you.

Anonymous said...

ah, that laughing is healing!
maybe you could 'sew' your lips shut for certain meetings.
or - sit on your hands.
(if you are one of those people that talk with their hands in motion- this will strike you mute!)
personally - blurt your heart out!

jb said...

this made matt & me laugh out loud (i refuse to write 'lol') so thank you. :)
oh to see their faces... did you chuckle inwardly? or outwardly? or did you feel awkward?
and those pictures are great!! it makes me giggle just looking at them. :)

joyce said...

oh but Ginny. We recovering Mennonites don't talk with our hands. Could lead to dancing.

How to explain.... Can I explain the phenomenon of entering through a set of doors, seeing a table lined with board members... and suddenly becoming a child again. In an intensely stoic environment. Without a voice. And feeling very out of place.
Mostly I reminded myself that I would think it was hilarious. Later. Later. Not now. Must not say ridiculous things. Must not. Must not.

Yet. I will.

Anonymous said...

This reminds me of a cartoon a friend sent me when I was the only woman on a board. The board table is surrounded by all men, save one woman. The Chair says "that was a very good idea, Mrs. Sew&Sew. Perhaps one of you gentlemen would like to suggest it."