Thursday, April 01, 2010

I Probably Should Have Worried More

After all.
Auntie C. did give Arianna numerous tutorials on what not to do, and these lessons were based entirely on airport/airplane/air travel no-no's that she herself had performed. So. Why exactly was I entrusting offspring #2 to her? Do I love pain? Anxiety? Suspense? Uncertainty?

It should have been stupidly straightforward. Three adults, one teen-aged daughter of mine. Fly to Toronto. Go through customs. Continue on to Munich.

One of the aunties had booked her flights herself. And having gotten caught up in the excitement and group dynamic of flying with her gene pool, she kind of forgot that the flight she booked to Toronto kind of left a few hours earlier than 3:30. Which is the flight that Jane, her cousin, and her other auntie were booked on.

It went something like this:
Jane proceeds to baggage check with her world travelling auntie.
We watch from the eaves; unconcerned. Nonplussed. Jane-jane is, after all, travelling with three competent adults, none of whom are exactly wet behind the ears. We chit chat, shoot the breeze, and imagine life at home with only two kids.
It's taking kind of long.

"Kath-" she calls out, all casual like.
"Did you happen to print out my itinerary? They can't find me in the system".

I start to pay attention.

A few minutes later, it all becomes clear.
Her flight left hours ago.
This particular flight is full.
There are not all that many daily flights that travel to Munich out of Toronto.
She's sort of looking up-the-creek-esque. Without a paddle.

Around about this time, I remember who it was that we trusted to escort offspring #1 home from Europe. Yup. A certain fifteen year old who is having way too many mature experiences as of late. If she has to fly internationally alone again, I will be looking for blood.
Well, that sister of mine didn't have a horseshoe surgically implanted for nothing.
At literally the last minute, she got on the flight stand-by.
Which means she could make her next flight.
And all the flights home with our kid. (I hope she doesn't misplace her or anything...)

So, we got to kiss our sweetheart good-bye and good luck.
Hasta La Vista all over again.
I of course, have committed in my mind to lock up my remaining children in the basement until they are at least 31 years old. It's going to take me at least that long to look through my entire family history.
Looking for a long lost relative by the name of


jenn said...

Never a dull moment! Great post, had me laughing.

Karla said...

I wish I could hear all of the silly things Kathy is going to say on this trip - they would make me laugh out loud.... NOW - go pour that gin and tonic - put your feet up on the couch and breathe easy, my dear. You did it.

gophercheeks said...

Oh my gosh.... this post reminds me of a camping trip that I took as a teenager with my crazy Auntie Shirley. My Uncle, who was driving the truck, stopped for gas in this small town up north and my AS went in to get some potatoes( sort of a staple when you are heading up into the bush). Well those were the days when my cousin and I rode the whole way in the truck camper on the back. Well UL thought she had climbed in the back with us girls and continued on our way to the campground... once we got there nobody knew where the heck AS was until some other truck pulls up a short time later with my AS, carrying her bag of potatoes, giggling about her luck to find a ride.

Aren't those the family members that just add the spice to it all!!!

Gotta love em.
Your girls are going to have a blast!!
Happy Easter friend.

Anonymous said...

Fun seeing Arianna and Jane's new suitcases! Flowers and giraffe print. I love them!


joyce said...

guess what, gophercheeks? That happened in my family too. You'll never guess who was left behind. Yup. auntie C. Shopping for souveniers at a gas station on the way to the Grand Canyon, or Yellowstone or the columbia ice fields (?) I have only seven siblings. WE travelled that way too- a half ton truck with a camper on the back, one kid int he front and about a million bouncing around in the camper perched above the truck.

ah, those were the days. (not)
I guess eventually someone noticed and we had to turn around and go back for her.

Brian's sister was left behind too. Same story. sheesh.

your story sounds almost exactly like my sisters though. giggling with that sack of potatoes.

Karla- have you did it?
waiting to hear about your adventures. hope you don't leave any children behind...

yay Elisabeth! (that's my Roman niece!) I'll see you on skype in a little while. (tomorrow?)

Anonymous said...

Hey, check out the picture of the "other auntie". She appears to have something implanted herself. A flashlight? Really bright idea? Or does my computer screen just have a shiny speck on it?
... ponderings from a slightly envious sister, one of only three siblings not roaming around Europe this next weekend. Is that amazing, or what?

joyce said...

hey, just for fun I checked expedia for "cheap flights to Medicine Hat" and came up with one for only $1302.00 boy oh boy. That must be ONE EXCITING city you live in there!!