Tuesday, August 30, 2011

life is just so full of blessings

Somebody fed the dog corn.

Which said dog ate, then puked onto the blanket that was (fortunately) strewn across the couch.

The blanket got balled up and deposited outside the bathroom/laundry room.

The daughter got sudden onset stomach flu, and rushing off to the bathroom, she came up to the locked door as

someone else was taking a shower.

Seeing the balled up couch blanket outside the bathroom door, she made do with what was immediately available.

Being not squeamish, and preventing the possibility of toddlers taking an interest in the much- dampened quilt....I took the whole mess outdoors to spray the worst of it away.

Having accomplished all that (and more) I decided to write out a cheque for the speeding ticket my husband incurred while driving his fancy new car to the big city for a haircut.

And its just past noon.

Oh Boy!
I can hardly wait to see what the afternoon will bring!


Karla said...

Gross. And more gross. And just a little more gross thrown in for good measure.

Judy said...

Ugh. Often times I ask myself why I wanted a dog. Weren't there already enough living things that need me more than want me?