Saturday, August 06, 2011

A Part Of Our Proud Heritage


In Niverville

Sews in her basement.


Roo said...

*high five*

Judy said...

Hey! Don't you also host amazing ugly sweater parties?

bygeorge! said...

ARgh! I forgot to buy the paper... But I did make it back to Rapid City for another hunt today. Have you thought about a zoom on those smiling eyes? The teeth just make some of us jealous!
cheers from 5 o'clock time zone.

Deedee said...

I saw you in the newspaper and I wanted to tell someone "I am friends with that amazing woman," but my family already knew that so my moment of vicarious fame came and went. You are impressive Joyce.

joyce said...

:) grawsh, thanks.

Judy- you must be wondering if there is anything of true NEWS that happens in these parts??

george- must hear details of said Rapid City hunt. Must.

DD- I promise to go in the parade next year and wave like the Queen Mum.

janice said...

Is there any significance to your showing off your gorgeous chompers? Just askin'.

Verification word: Corialls - the lovely tips on your eye teeth (she says, jealously, hers being ground off from years of bruxing - It’s modern Greek, derived from brukhein, to gnash the teeth.)

PS a wannabe linguist here.

joyce said...

well, when we looked at the paper we thought I appeared to have a rather severe overbite. So, I'm just exaggerating this new feature.

The new family joke is: "Mom- you're just a mennonite who sews in your basement".

So trying saying "Hi- I'm a Mennonite- wanna see my basement?" while you have your teeth sticking out like that.

You'll find it rather a lot of fun.

v word: chote. This is Mennonite Tote.

Anonymous said...

Oh but in Mennoneet met pierced schnooz-earrings...daut tradition yeht aulla ta scheet :) L-lew

Mary KG said...

So now you've had 30 minutes of fame -- that's more than most people who only get 15!!